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The Ultimate Formula To Ace Cinematography!

Do you want to become a professional Cinematographer? Have you been dreaming of directing films lately? Several creative young minds keep dreaming of getting into the field of Cinematography but don’t know how and where to get started. They wander around to find that one perfect track and follow every possible lead that they get, and yet they don’t reach the desired destination.

Besides getting a formal education or assisting professionals in the field of Cinematography, there is one powerful formula to strike your career into Cinematography like a PRO. Can’t believe it? Read on to get an in-depth detail of this powerful formula.


Every time you learn something new, do you get started with the basics or do you directly jump off to the action mode? The most common answer to this would be ‘get started with the basics’ and this is the powerful formula that we have been talking about!


You build a home by setting one block at a time starting from the base level and this is how you have to build your career slowly and steadily, learning every basic element one by one. You cannot directly jump off to assist professionals in your field without knowing your basics and trust us, you won’t be able to do a thing in your profession without knowing the ultimate basics. To help you get an idea of the basics of Cinematography, we have carefully curated this blog for you along with insights from the experts of Cinematography!

Capturing WOW organized an insightful session on Clubhouse having a panel of 4 experts from the Cinematography industry. Our speakers – Jay Oza, Anuj Samtani, Pooja Gupte and Kaushal Shah conversed with the audience and shared their knowledge on the importance of learning the basics to get started in Cinematography and this is what we are about to cover in this blog. So let’s get started!


Talking about the importance of basics, Anuj Samtani said, “Take up certain courses that you feel will help you in your career. When you take up these courses you will learn a lot! Also, start with your basics, know all the important elements and then learn application.” 

To this Jay Oza added, “Be yourself, create something unique and be an inspiration to others in the industry. But before starting off, start off at the grassroots level, learn all the creative techniques and if you can study about the camera movements you must learn as much as you can.” 

Moreover, as a creative Cinematographer don’t forget to sharpen your skills on:


Place your camera in different places around your subject. Film from directly in front to make people feel really engaged. Change the position of the camera with every shot you take.



You could use a deep focus, pull focus, wide angle or any other lens to shoot your film more effectively. Each lens comes with different functions so use them in the best way possible.


Lights and colours affect the moods of your shots. So choose the colours and the amount of lighting carefully.


Before filming, ask this question to yourself,

  • How am I going to arrange everything required for the shot?
  • How should I place elements in order to get a natural shot?

The way you arrange your elements required for the shot will decide how your shot will look like. If the elements are well placed, your shot will look natural and this is certainly what every Cinematographer is primarily always looking for! Don’t forget to sharpen your skills and learn your basics before stepping into the field of Cinematography. Hope these expert insights help you in your career in Cinematography!

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