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The Go-Getter’s Guide To Food Photography!

Are you one of those struggling photographers who are pegging away to get the best food shots? Looking for ways to enhance your techniques in Food Photography?

Food Photographers struggle to get bright and natural photographs of their food. They keep themselves updated with the rolling trends and yet, they fail to get their desired shots Is there something that is stopping you from getting your desired shot? Or, are you missing out on a few elements that are crucial in Food Photography? If you don’t have answers to these questions, don’t fret, because in this blog we will be guiding you through some of the most important aspects of Food Photography! So keep the ball rolling as we are about to get started!


As a Food Photographer, you want your food to be the star of your photograph and undoubtedly, you want your food to be in focus. Sometimes, when you use artificial lights and place them at certain angles, the light might fail to give you the desired result. Moreover, artificial lights could end up giving your photographs an artificial look which most Food Photographers don’t prefer. 

So. to give your photographs a real and natural look, we suggest you shoot in natural light. This not only gives your photographs a realistic look but also helps you save money where you can avoid buying expensive artificial lights. However, artificial lights when used correctly may give you the desired result but natural lights, on the other hand, will certainly give you the best results!


As a Fashion Photographer, you should know about every angle and perspective that work for different food items. 

For instance, some Food Photographs look better when shot from the top like the ‘pizza’, while the ‘burgers’ look mouth-watering when shot from the sideways and the ‘drinks’ look great when shot from a 45-degree angle.


Several Food Photographers feel that adding props might help give a better look to the food photographs and that is right. But the problem here is that adding extra props could ruin your WOW photograph within seconds. 

Do not clutter your food’s background or surrounding with unwanted props. Instead, plan your theme well in advance and choose your props carefully. For instance, do not add extra veggies or fruits to your dish or food items as it may confuse your viewers. 


Once you have set your food or dish on the table and you are all set to capture your food snaps, don’t just simply start snapping photographs solely of your dish. Instead, add a few movements and capture those photographs as they will give out a more effective look to your photography. It not only gives a creative look to your photograph but also gives a touch of life to your photographs! This is optional, but if you don’t want your photographs to look dull we recommend you do this! For instance, you could pour a cup of hot chocolate or any liquid according to your dish!

If you feel that your Food Photographs are missing out on something or you feel that the photographs you shot are not up to your expectations, sit back and think over the removal of extra props, ask yourself whether you have used the correct lighting and so on. Hope this blog guides your way through your career in Food Photography!

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