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Must-Know Hacks For Wedding Photographers!

Are you that Wedding Photographer who works his heart out to get more and more clients? Are you struggling hard enough to build your wedding photography brand or business?
As a Wedding Photographer, one of your goals is to get clients that are ideal for your business. Trust us, getting ideal clients is no piece of cake! Besides building positive relations with your clients, there is a lot more that goes into building your brand or business. Here comes the most important aspect of brand building, i.e. Marketing! In a competitive industry, we need to stand out to make a living. The sad truth is that if you don’t make the effort, a million Wedding Photographers are waiting in line to take your place!
To help ease all your problems, in this blog we have curated some of the best marketing tools shared by the masters of Wedding Photography.
Capturing WOW organized a comprehensive session on Clubhouse having a panel of 5 experts from the Wedding industry. Our speakers – Neeta Shankar, Divyam Mehrotra, Megha Bhatia, Raman Dipak and Jai Cassario conversed with the audience and shared their knowledge on the various marketing tools that can be used by every Wedding Photographer to get more clients and build their brands in the Wedding industry.


Talking about the various marketing tools in the Wedding Photography business, Neeta Shankar said, “Photo Albums work as a great marketing tool. If you don’t want to give out albums, you may opt-in for photo books or coffee table books”. To this Raman, Dipak added, “Wedding albums are very important. You could use them as a deliverable that will get you more clients.” 

Photo Books and Albums work hand in hand with the photographer. If you miss out on considering albums as a part of your deliverable, you are technically missing out on something really important.


“NRI clients still prefer using traditional ’emails’ for communicating,” said Megha Bhatia. A lot of international clients use traditional email methods to communicate with businesses worldwide. Also, communicating through emails with potential clients and your community is the best way to build your trusted client base and community in your business. Email marketing also finds new customer prospects and converts them into potential customers. 


It’s a proven fact that social media can be a great marketing tool for Wedding Photographers in various ways. For instance, social media makes it possible for people from different countries of the world to connect instantly, and that can do wonders for both parties. 

Of course, for Wedding professional photographers and filmmakers, social media can be one of the most powerful tools if used the right way and in line with the algorithms that run the various social platforms. Moreover, it can also be a very beneficial avenue for beginner photographers and passionate hobbyists as well. 

Megha Bhatia said, “Social Media has become a big tool to bring more leads.”So put your best work out there and connect with people around the world while you get more leads alongside!

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