Harpreet Bachher - The Wedding Story

Wedding Photographer

Harpreet Bachher is an award-winning fashion and lifestyle photographer, Harpreet Bachher founded The Wedding Story in Mumbai, India.

The wedding story has covered celebrity weddings of Gauhar Khan & Zaid Darbar, Yuzi & Dhanashree, and Bibasha Basu & Karan Grover

 An architect by qualification, Harpreet started off as a lifestyle photographer with India’s largest newspaper THE TIMES OF INDIA, and then graduated to feature writing before taking up photography as a full-time profession and establishing one of the biggest fashion studios in Mumbai in the year 2006.

Over the past 15 years, Harpreet has shot numerous Bollywood actors for projects ranging from films to magazine covers to calendars to ad-campaigns and more.

Having worked with film production biggies like Yashraj and UTV Films he is a romantic by heart and loves to tell ‘Happily Ever After’ stories that have a realistic touch.