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1st July 2020 - 8 July 2020

Capturing WOW Global Summit

World’s Premier Virtual Conclave For Photographers And Filmmakers!


Introducing the stalwarts from the photography and film-making industry that add the WOW in Capturing WOW

Capturing WOW is a platform for photographers, filmmakers and content creators to come together, to learn, discover, network and grow!

Driven by the true Lords of the Lens - the perfect ensemble of the esteemed photographers, film-makers & content creators, this platform brings to you a special blend of insightful master-classes, workshops, live shoots, panel discussions, photo reviews, and other exciting interactions.


Excitement Begins count down

Day 01 full schedule

1st July 2020

Silver grains to pixels. The journey of photography

DAY 1-01

Aditya Arya

Museo Camera

Establishing yourself as a photographer

Jassi Oberai

Jassi Oberai

Xploring Light

Adapt or Perish

imageonline-co-grayscaledimage (1)

Radhakrishnan Chakyat

Pixel Viilage

Shooting cinematic films on a Budget

Kshitij Sheetak

Kshitij Sheetak

Shoot Guru

Mobile Photography - Should you Embrace or Disgrace it?

circle-cropped (1)

Ranjan Sharma

Photo_guruji - Smartphone Evangelist.

Getting started with mobile videography

DAY 1-05

Cielo de la Paz

The Storyographist

Mastering Smart Phone Capture

DAY 7-08

Lisa Carney

Finishing Station

Up Your Game in Food Photography

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Pawan Manglani

Food Photographer

Trends in Food Styling


Nitin Tandon

Food Stylist

Day 02 full schedule

2nd July 2020

Inspiration in visual forms


Harsheen Jamu

Wedding Photographer

Be a risk taker

Divyam Mehrotraa

Divyam Mehrotra

Wedding Photographer

Let's get real


Ankita Asthana

Wedding Photographer

Chasing Light: A talk on the love of light in wedding photography


Arjun Kartha

Wedding Photographer

Unlock: Photography Lessons We Should Never Forget

circle-cropped (10)

Abhimanyu Sharma

Wedding Photographer

Unlock: Photography Lessons We Should Never Forget


Prasheila Lookhar

Wedding Photographer

Enhancing Visual Storytelling

circle-cropped (3)

Harpreet Bachher

Wedding Filmaker

Capturing Intimate Wedding films

Akash Agarwal-01

Akash Agarwal

Wedding Filmmaker

Translatiing a couple's story in a visual form

circle-cropped (2)

Meghaa Isrrani

Wedding Filmmaker

Kal, Aaj aur Kal - The Journey of Capturing Weddings

circle-cropped (2)

Badal Jain

Wedding Photographer

Kal, Aaj aur Kal - The Journey of Capturing Weddings

circle-cropped (9)

Anand Rathi

Wedding Photographer

Day 03 full schedule

3rd July 2020

The Editorial Photography Process

Nuno Oliveira

Fashion photographer

Understanding 'FORM' in Photography


Jatin Kampani

Fashion Photographer

When Art Meets Fashion

DAY 7-01

Vickram Bawa

Fashion Photographer

Workflow for interior and architecture photography


Sebastian Zachariah

Architectural Photographer & Creative Director

Passion, Knowledge and Previsualisation

karl taylor

Karl Tylor

International Still Life, Drinks, Liquids, Fashion, Product & Advertising Photographer.

An Over-View of Hi-End Car Photography

circle-cropped (2) (1) (1)

Darren Capp

Automotive Photographer

Food photography & styling- case study

Bharat Bhirangi

Commercial Photographer

Food photography & styling- case study

nitin tondon

Nitin Tandon

Food Photograher

Day 04 full schedule

4th July 2020

Capturing WOW Images in Wildlife


Sudhir Shivaram

Wildlife Photographer

Art Wildlife

akash das

Akash Das

Fine Art & Wildlife Photographer

Clicking the Big Wild Cats


Latika Nath

Wildlife Photographer & Conversationalist

Photographing Pumas in Patagonia


Rodrigo Maraga Zuniga

Wildlife & Landscape Photographer

Nature After Dark : The next steps in Wildlife Photography


Shivang Mehta

Wildlife Photographer

A fail-proof method to start your newborn photoshoot the right way!


Jade Gao

New Born Photography by Jade

Creative NewBorn Wrapping


Ana Brandt

Maternity & Newborn Photographer

Milestone Photography

Amrita Samant

Amrita Samant

Maternity & Newborn Photographer

A to C of Child photography


Sujata Setia

Child Photographer & Educator

Fashionable Maternity Images

Jai Mayhew

Maternity & Fashion Photographer

Day 05 full schedule

5th July 2020

How to Improve your Communication for more Sales

dave-01 (1)

Dave Moss

Growth hacks and Operation Efficencies in Wedding photography business


Lakshya Chawla

Wedding Photographer

Convert your enquires to Sales

alen berg

Alan Berg

Sales & Marketing Coach

Art of Business Multiplication

Raman Dipak

Raman Dipak

Wedding Photography

Business of Food Photography


Patrick Colpron

Travel and Food Photographer Social Media Expert

Monetizing your Skills

daryl patni

Darly Patni

Advertising Photographer

Photo Agents: Catalysts for accelerated success in Photography


Alex Sunny


Understanding Your Finance


Anand Rathi

Wedding Photographer

The Art of Negotiation

circle-cropped (2)

Meghaa Isrrani

Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker

Day 06 full schedule

6th July 2020

Street Action

Phil Penman

Phil Penman

Street Photographer

Stories in silhouette images


Moises Levy

Fine Art & Street Photographer

Visual Stroytelling - From the Heart and the Mind


Dinesh Khanna

Documentary Photographer

Documenting The Tribes


Latika Nath

Wildlife Photographer & Conversationalist

In Pursuit of Creative Expression

Jassi Oberai

Jassi Oberoi


12 Tips for Powerful Visual Storytelling


Ashima Narain

Day 07 full schedule

7th July 2020

Fashion Films

DAY 7-01

Vickram Bawa

Fashion Photographer

Taking your drone photography and cinematography to new heights

DAY 7-10

Dirk Dallas

Drone pilot, Designer & Photographer

Creating Budget Films

DAY 7-02

Ariel Martinez


Post production for Wedding Films

DAY 7-03

Raonak Hathiramani

Wedding Filmmaker

How to Create a composite Image


Sujata Setia

Wedding Photographer

Lightroom for Wedding Images

DAY 7-09

Ravi Mistry


Retouch like a Pro - Princapls of Commercial Retouching Workflow


Dennis Dunbar

Image Retoucher

Retouch like a Pro: Supercharge Photoshop for High-End Retouching


Sef McCullough

Digital Artist, Commercial Retoucher

Pushing Photoshop to It's Limits

DAY 7-06

Ben Willmore

Digital Artist, Commercial Retoucher

Lightroom Light

DAY 7-07

Katrin Eismann

Artist, Author, Educator,Product Manager, Engagement - Adobe

Day 08 full schedule

8th July 2020

Environmental Portraits

DAY 8-01

Kirsten Lewis

Wedding Photographer

International Wedding Photography & Filmmaking


Sanjay Jogia

Wedding Photographer

Documentary Family Photography - 5 tips to guide you towards powerful moment-driven photography.

DAY 8-02

Kirsten Lewis

Wedding Photographer

Imagery in the storytelling


Mauricio Arias

Wedding Photographer

How to become better at documenting moments.

DAY 8-04

Citlalli Rico

Wedding Photographer

Pure photojournalism as wedding photography

imageonline-co-grayscaledimage (2) (2)

Tyler Wirken

Wedding Photographer


Your free live sessions @capturingwow is really helping me to learn more new things. Thank you so much

Rahul Prakash

The session was really amazing, wonderful with lots of experience, techniques and skills for photography.
I am very happy to have joined the session and am delighted to have this opportunity.

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