Eesh Dewan: India is only growing while the overall market is declining

Over a cup of experiences and opinions, our recent interview with Eesh Dewan, an image industry consultant for more than 20 years, brought out some unexpected issues that photographers certainly need to ponder over.

Eesh Dewan

Having witnessed every phase of the photography industry, no person other than Mr. Dewan would have been a better critic and appreciator of this industry. It’s not surprising to hear him say that he is obliged to have the opportunities he did in his career because that has helped him reach where he is now. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the current market exploitation and said, “if you don’t allow somebody else, how do you increase the market?” When Mr. Dewan was asked about his opinion on attending webinars and exhibitions organized by fellow competitors, he replied with a smile, “the rising tide raises all. You should learn from other’s mistakes and successes.” He believes if you are learning only from your mistakes, that success won’t last for long.

Mr. Dewan strongly feels “brands have not done much for the community”. They have only been behind selling their product without understanding the market needs, which has been a major factor in adversely impacting the photography industry. “Industry is evolving by
learning from its mistakes but it is a very lengthy process.” According to him, since the time brands started selling their products, without explaining the logic behind it, the photography industry started dipping.

On asking Mr. Dewan what is the future of the photography industry, he vehemently answered “the photo industry is already dead.” It’s the videography that is more in demand. When it comes to purchasing any equipment or camera, people are looking out for hybrids.
Their primary purpose has shifted from photography to videography now. Any brand he works with he relies solely on data. Knowing the brand’s performance over the years in different states, cities, and dealers at different periods is crucial. When asked about his work style, he remarked, “either convince me or follow my way.”

On a concluding note, Mr. Dewan’s tip for this industry is – start by differentiating between mentors, influencers, content creators, and brand ambassadors. Each of these communities is separate and treating them as one would be unjust. Apart from that, if one has to make his
mark in the industry, the idea is not to do what everybody is doing. Think creatively and think out of the box because that’s where true success lies.

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