Jay Cassario - Twisted Oaks Studio

Wedding Photographer

A Leica photographer and a professional wedding photographer, Jay has been through tragedy and figured out how to grow from it. 

Talking about his journey, he has spent 15 years working as an engineer and several other years being photographed for fitness magazines before he could become a photographer himself. 

The passing away of his mom, a wedding photographer, in 2012 was the driving force that made Jay dedicate his life to keeping her legacy and her love for photography alive. 

It was his mother’s love for photography that influenced him to pursue this creative career path.

A bowhunter his whole life, he gave up hunting at the age of 34 solely because he couldn’t bring himself to take the life of an animal. 

Apart from photography, Jay has studied nutrition in his college and is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist as well. 

For Jay, photography is not only about capturing a moment. It is a medium to build relationships, capture emotions, and tell a story without even whispering a single word.

A Christian by nationality, he was first featured in the ‘All Natural Bodybuilding’ magazine at the age of 27. 

His first DSLR camera was the Nikon D60, bought in 2011 and he is obsessed with Instant film and old Instant film cameras, his favorite being the RZ67. 

With a fan base of 12.1K on Instagram, Jay is the owner and photographer of Twisted Oak Studio in South Jersey and the brand ambassador of Oberwerth too. 

He uses Pixifi, the office management software for managing his business, and cannot go a day without it. 

His unique approach of getting to know the clients beyond the signed contract has made him a sought-after industry speaker and workshop leader. 

Along with winning the Fearless award for honorable mention #51, he has also won one Apex award and one Ascent award, both in the Wedding Portraiture category. 

In 2016, he was also voted as one of the top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US and Canada.