Jayanth Sharma - Toehold Travel & Photography PVT.LTD.

Wildlife Photography

Jayanth Sharma is a Bengaluru based Award-winning Wildlife Photographer and CEO of Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt Ltd.

Jayanth took up photography in 2004 and decided to say goodbye to his 9-5 job.

He founded Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt Ltd in 2010 and has been producing stunning images that are planned in-studio and executed outdoors.

Jayanth loves travelling and wishes to explore all the possible natural Hotspots of the world.

He has worked in the Himalayas, the unexplored northeast and secretive south and tiger havens of central India.

Jayanth Sharma was also a TEDx speaker where he spoke about ‘Capturing Nature’s Serenity’.

In 2018, Jayanth partnered with Amazon India to take online photography classes under the program named ‘Shutterbug’.

Jayanth has won several wildlife photography awards on national and International Levels.

In 2018, He won DJ Memorial Photography Award under the ‘wildlife’ category.

In 2016, he won Windland Smith Rice Awards, Nature’s Best Photography.

In 2014, Joint GPU Gold Medal, Global Arctic Awards.

Jayanth effortlessly combines natural history and fine art elements and brings back rarely seen perspectives from the little-visited domains.

The participants of his Photo tours find him not only an acutely brilliant mentor but also a sparkling inspiration to conceive and execute images.

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