Karen Bangley - Significant Moments Photography

Maternity Photographer

Karen Bagley is an energetic Fine Art Maternity and Underwater Photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

She’s known for her dramatic and powerful maternity portrait which is now become a staple for her brand.

She’s the founder of Significant Moments Photography and her company specializes in Maternity and Newborn Photography and aims at offering Luxury portraits.

Karen and her husband, Andrew are the creative lifeblood behind the brand of Significant Moments Photography.

Karen’s love for photography is truly inevitable but she also enjoys teaching.

She speaks internationally on her maternity and underwater portrait craft and aspires to help someone come one step closer to their dream of building something.

She founded her company, Significant Moments Photography 7 years ago and has grown the brand into a thriving 6-figure business.

She’s on a mission to change how people think about maternity portraiture with her workshops and classes.

She has also featured on Shutter Magazine in December 2014, June 2015, March 2017, and July 2019.

Her Instagram page is worth giving a look at, her brand page on Instagram is known as significant_moments and has over 22k followers.

Anyone would get mesmerized looking at each and every shot by Karen Bagley.

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