LaCie’s- Rugged - SSD - High Transfer Speed

LaCie’s Rugged SSD: Do you think your data safe?

As creators, we find ourselves in “rough” situations. Shooting in the middle of a desert or snowfall or around water bodies is just another day at work for us. And so, having our data protected from the physical beating of nature is our topmost priority. 

Imagine getting the chance to shoot the Northern Lights. But, coming back to your data being damaged by the extreme climates and snow.

LaCie’s Rugged SSD is packed with features that make it the go-to pick for professionals who tackle nature and love to go on adventures. The SSD comes with features such as:

  • Transfer speeds fast enough to let you edit 4K videos straight from the external SSD.
  • 10Gbps data transfer speed over USB-C to make data transfer a breeze.
  • Protective cover which helps it withstand drops of up to 3mtrs (10fts)
  • Endure a payload of 2,000k (4410lbs)
  • IP67 rating: protects the data dust and can also handle being submerged 3.3ft underwater for 30mins without any harm.
  • 5-year warranty of the hard disk plus 5-years of data recovery services if need be.


The LaCie Rugged SSD Pro is available in 1TB ($400) and 2TB ($700) capacities. The drive measures 3.85-inches by 2.55-inches, and around 0.7-inches thick. Inside is a Seagate (LaCie’s parent company) FireCuda 510, four-lane, PCIe/NVMe SSD.
In simple words: it is a portable SSD with storage options to fit any need.

The FireCuda 510 utilizes Phison’s E12 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe 1.3 controller that’s built on a 28nm manufacturing node. It is a high-performance dual Cortex R5 CPU-based architecture with dual co-processors (CoXProcessor 2.0 technology) that handle flash translation layer (FTL) management, while the R5’s handle mostly the reads and writes. Our 1TB review model interfaces with a 1GB DDR4 DRAM chip at 1,600 MHz to cache FTL data, too.Additionally, this controller supports up to 8 channels, with four chips enabled per channel. In total, there are 32x 256Gb NAND flash dies, saturating the controller’s max capability. The dies are stacked into packages of 8 dies high, interfacing with the controller at 533 MT/s.
In layman’s terms: it is a fast SSD that can handle any size of data you throw at it.

The Rugged Body dimensions:

LaCie’s Rugged SSD is compact, measuring 65 x 98 x 17 mm (2.6 x 3.86 x 0.7 inches) and it weighs in at 130 g (0.3 pounds). The USB-C port is located on the long side of the SSD, rather than the short end, like most external storage devices. And there is a white power indicator light to the left side of the port.

LaCie Rugged SSD Pro Performance:

We have been using The Rugged SSD Pro in our team. And our hands-on experience with it has been nothing but great! It delivered reading and writing speeds well over 2GBps in a couple of the synthetic benchmarks. However, the drive flinched once(figuratively) during our 450GB write test. That did raise eyebrows slightly. There might be some thermal throttling going on.

In Conclusion

It has been a breeze working with the LaCie Rugged SSDs. The super-fast transfer speeds make it possible to not worry about the size of data captured. As we’re sure we won’t time in the transfer process. On top of that, having the security that our data is protected from physical damage gives us the reassurance we go on adventures and click amazing photographs. The LaCie SSDs have opened up new opportunities that we didn’t have because we worried about protecting our data.

The LaCie Rugged SSDs are a must-have in every Creator’s camera bag.


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Picsniff! The only key to your problem!

Whats the problem we are trying to solve here?

Well, wedding photographers wish to get their amazing pictures a great reach and visibility and the clients on the other hand want an easy access to all images from their event. However, there is nothing out there that helps solve the problem. 

Anand Rathi, a renowned photographer realised this when he shot Akash and Shloka Ambani’s wedding and had to deliver nearly 30000 edited images to over 1200 guests.. Spurred by the need, Picsniff came to life.

What is Picsniff?

Picsniff  is an AI powered image sharing tool for professional photographers. It uses cutting edge face recognition to help attendees at an event find their images without the guest or photographer ever having to spend extra effort. 

What are the features of Picsniff?

Picsniff is not just a platform for face recognition it has all the features that one can ask for.

With face recognition, you might have a concern about privacy … Picsniff has that covered with Liveness detection which prevents unauthorized access using real time face tracking

It also offers custom domains, full white labeling, password protected galleries, email registrations, beautiful gallery designs and client favoriting features … and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

How does the face recognition feature really work?

The photographer uploads images at the backend much like they would in any other cloud storage system. The software then generates a link and code that can be shared with the guests (before or after the event). The link prompts the guests to click their selfie and the software combs through all the images to spot the ones featuring the person in the selfie.

If we go the conventional way, it would take hours or days to find those images and that too without much accuracy. However, with Picsniff a guest can find themselves in a matter of seconds. 

Sounds all great, is it expensive though?

Surprisingly, not! While face recognition is a compute heavy activity, people at Picsniff have managed to keep it surprisingly affordable. Check out the pricing on

Does Picsniff help the photographer with insights and audience analysis?

Picsniff is very data driven. Photographers can not only keep track of how many users registered for the service but also see the number of images discovered, number of downloads, favoriting activity etc. For photographers who run ads on Instagram or Facebook, Picsniff also captures the name, email ID, and phone numbers of the guests. This information is available as a simple .csv format file which can be used to create custom audiences for Instagram/Facebook ads. So instead of spending thousands of rupees promoting their brand to an unknown audience, they can run ads to showcase their work to the right crowd! This can help cut down marketing budgets tremendously.  

What is the marketing scope with Picsniff?

Picsniff not only gets you the recognition for your images but also opens up tremendous potential for marketing.  .Picsniff serves as a platform to a photographer that can drive visibility of photos by 20x and get 10x more leads than any other platform out there. 


Sony’s First Cinema Focused The Mirrorless Camera: SONY FX3


Sony deserves the credit to bring professional-grade mirrorless cameras to the general public with its Alpha series. Their cameras were able to showcase the capabilities that a mirrorless camera holds. Now with the industry accepting mirrorless cameras as a go-to for major productions, Sony has come out with FX3, their cinema first mirrorless camera.

The camera has been made with filmmakers in mind and thus has features that can deliver to the needs of a filmmaker specifically.


FX3 has a standard 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor. The sensor has 10.2 effective megapixels which are used to shoot movies and approx 12.1 effective megapixels for still images. Sony has continued to deliver with sensors that produce sharp and colour-rich images. And with the camera being cinema centric, the colour science used has been fine-tuned to work seamlessly with the demands of today’s creators.

The camera has an 80-102400 equivalent. And with Sony’s image processing, you can easily go up to 6,400 ISO and not worry about the noise. The camera can take C-Fast cards, SD Cards. Being a professional camera gives you the option to insert two SD cards at once. This comes into use when you require a backup of the data that you shoot. Plus with the same data being written on two cards, the hassle of data management in the post gets reduced.


  • Weighing under 800g, this comes out to be the most compact cinema centric camera out there.
  • The FX3 camera comes with a horizontal handle which helps in having a firm and comfortable grip on the camera when taking low angle shots.
  • With this, Sony has attached a swivelling LCD screen which makes it possible to have a clear view of the frame no matter which way the camera is turned.
  • A wide Dynamic range and highly sensitive sensor makes it possible to pump up the ISO without worrying about noise and also beings.
  • The camera can shoot 4k at 120fps.
  • Access to S-Log2 and S-Log3 log colour profile which gives you extreme liberty in the post to colour grade the footage.


In the process of making the camera a compact beast, Sony had to remove the inbuilt ND filters from the camera.

This adds on an additional hassle on set. But, it isn’t something that could be a decision changing issue as the camera has an E mount. And thus, the external ND filters are readily available in the market.

Who Is It For:

The Sony FX3 is a camera which is made for indie filmmakers. Having an all in one film camera makes it easy to produce high quality visuals without the need of an entire camera crew. The perfectly performing Auto focus removes the need of a focus puller. And with the compact body size, you don’t need an assistant cameraman to handle the camera. With that, the Image stabilization makes sure you can go handheld and yet get good quality smooth movements in your shot.

If you are a filmmaker on the rise, this is the perfect camera for you. The pro features in the camera assures you of the quality of the product. And the modular style of the mirrorless camera would insure that the camera will grow with you.


Nikon D850: A surprise pack of a camera

Nikon D850 defines perfection the best with its stunning 45.7 effective megapixels, giving you a superior enhanced resolution that is impeccably suited to professional large-format poster or canvas print. 

It is packed with specs that every filmmaker and photographer will enjoy. The camera makes sure it is ready to perform in every situation you put it in.

  • Significant noise reduction
  • Image processing speed 5 delivers great colour production, fine details.
  • No shutter release sound
  • Active D- lighting, HDR, Auto white balance option
  • Low light metering down to -3 EV.
  • More composition freedom
  • Electronic Rangefinder with improved precision
  • Durable, long battery life.
  • Compatible with months-iiii sd cards
  • Flexible remote shooting control

An ISO range of 64 to 25600 also allows increased sensitivity and versatility with a wide range of environments.

Features of Nikon D850 are as follows:-

Spectacular 8k Time-Lapse Movie Creation:

The D850 takes your time-lapse movies into a new realm with its Nikon FX-format CMOS image sensor. Harnessing the humongous pixel count of 45 megapixels (8256 × 5504 pixels) with the high resolving power of NIKKOR lenses, the interval timer mode allows you to capture over 8K-size images with exquisite detail for time-lapse movie creation. The 45 megapixels also allow greater leeway in creating sharper 4K video by down-conversion or adding pan and zoom effects within the frame in post-production using a computer to inject more dynamism into the finished piece.

Silent Interval Timer Photography:

When shooting time-lapse sequences outdoors for hours at night, you can focus on your shooting without worrying about shutter release noise or mechanical wear with the silent interval timer photography function in live view mode that drives the shutter electronically. It also prevents mechanical vibrations that might cause image blur. Meaning you will maximize the potential of the 45.7 megapixels. The silent interval timer function lets you shoot up to 9,999 frames.

In-Camera Raw Batch Processing:

Shooting in RAW gives greater leeway in post-production, letting photographers draw the most from the images they capture. Until now, however, processing RAW has always been tremendously time-consuming. The D850 resolves this issue by offering an incredibly convenient, in-camera RAW batch-processing feature that applies similar changes to all the selected images.

Track Fast & Erratic Movements:

Accurate focusing is crucial to large-pixel-count images. The D850 comes equipped with the same powerful 153-point AF system as the flagship D5 — a technology widely praised by editorial sports photographers. The 153 densely packed focus points (55 selectable) provide over 130% of the D810’s frame coverage, while 99 cross sensors with precise detection are optimally distributed. The AF system makes it possible to achieve pinpoint focus on a small area such as the Athlete’s eye. Its design makes it possible to immediately acquire fast, often random movements and track them tenaciously. The D850 also comes with the same AF lock-on adjustment menu as the D5, which helps it focus more accurately on subjects moving toward the camera.

Furthermore, the central point functions at -4 EV and all other focus points at -3 EV, thanks to the Multi-CAM 20K autofocus sensor module, which was developed to keep noise to an absolute minimum, allowing for accurate AF in challenging light.

Precise Focus On Distant Subjects With Teleconverters — Powerful AF Compatible With An Effective Aperture of f/8:

Accurate focusing is crucial to large-pixel-count images. The D850 comes equipped with the same powerful 153-point AF system as the flagship D5 — a technology widely praised by editorial sports photographers. The 153 densely packed focus points (55 selectable) provide over 130% of the D810’s frame coverage, while 99 cross sensors with powerful detection are optimally distributed. The AF system makes it possible to achieve pinpoint focus on a small area such as an athlete’s eye, but is also designed to immediately acquire fast, often random movements and track them tenaciously. The D850 also comes with the same AF lock-on adjustment menu as the D5, helping to focus more accurately on subjects moving toward the camera.

Consistent Exposures Under Artificial Light Sources: Flicker Reduction Minimizes Exposure Variances:

Artificial light sources such as mercury lighting often produce flickering, causing undesired variations in exposure and colour in consecutive shots. The D850’s flicker reduction function avoids this problem by detecting the peak brightness level and automatically shifting the release timing slightly to avoid underexposure and colour casts. This gives you stable exposures even during continuous shooting. In movie shooting, using 'auto' flicker reduction makes the camera automatically switch exposure control according to the frequency of light sources, preventing the occurrence of banding in the footage.

Truly Dynamic Action Photography — Nikon fx-format, Backside Illumination CMOS Sensor For 45.7 Megapixels With ISO 64-25600:

The d850 allows commercial sports photographers to capture moments of dynamic action in sumptuously rich detail — even during 9-fps continuous shooting. It is the first Nikon D-SLR to use a backside illumination sensor, which allows incoming light to reach photodiodes more efficiently. Together with the camera’s low-noise performance, this enables it to achieve iso 25600 despite its high pixel count. What’s more, it strikes an optimal balance between sensor sensitivity and the volume of light information accumulated in photodiodes, yielding images with a wide dynamic range even at iso 64 (expandable to iso 32 equivalent) — the lowest native iso setting offered by any camera manufacturer. Copper wiring is used to cut electrical resistance, while the backside illumination structure allows a flexible wiring layout, reducing stray capacity.

These measures enable 45-megapixel fx-format images to be captured at continuous shooting speeds of 9 fps*1. And because the sensor is designed without an optical low-pass filter, it can harness the sharpness of 45 megapixels when combined with the high resolving power of Nikkor lenses. The d850 yields pictures that can be enlarged as massive prints at up to a2 size*2 or used for 8k digital signage displays.

Tested For 200,000 Cycles — Durable, High-Precision Shutter:

To ensure durability, the D850’s shutter is tested for 200,000 cycles. The design minimizes the mechanical vibration that causes image blur. The d850 is the first Nikon d-SLR to adopt a shutter counter-balancer in its shutter drive, which travels upward during each shutter release to counteract the vibration caused by the front curtain’s downward motion. What’s more, the camera’s shutter monitor function calculates the duration between front- and rear-curtain movements every time the shutter is released, and automatically corrects any variance.

Unparalleled Resolving Power To Match 45 Megapixels — Nikkor Lenses:

With their exceptionally high resolving power, which makes full use of 45 megapixels, Nikkor lenses are a perfect partner for the d850, with a diverse lineup including many telephoto lenses. Thanks to Nikon's superb optical technology, they provide sharp resolution even at the periphery of an image, combined with elaborately designed, beautiful image-blur characteristics. Many lenses feature the anti-reflective Nano crystal coat, which effectively reduces ghost and flare. They are also designed to reproduce point light sources as point images as much as possible. Nikkor lenses are powerful tools for professionals looking to ensure brilliantly sharp images regardless of the subject, environment, or lighting conditions.


Insta360 Go 2: A mini camera with max potential

Imagine having an action camera portable enough to let you focus on the action and not the camera. That is where Insta360 Go 2 comes in. It is a camera as compact can be. The Insta360 Go 2 is the second and better form of its predecessor, Insta360 Go 2. After Insta360 Go getting a phenomenal response, Insta360 has made the right move by listening to its users and adding features that make this the next best thing of cameras.

The camera's miniature size compared to other cameras and beats even the GoPro in itself form factor. When you combine this Go camera with your creative juices, you get shots like no other.

Who Is This For:

This camera is for all those creatives who want to take their personal footages to the next level. Every new kind of equipment that you add to your arsenal helps you grow and nurture your creative instincts. The same goes for the Insta360 Go 2 as well. The camera's features and size make it possible to use this camera in ways you can't use any other.

Why Should I Buy This?

The Go 2 is made with a ready-to-shoot working model. The camera takes the point-and-shoot factor of action cameras to another level. It is thus the right fit for people who want a camera that sticks around (more on that later) and is available whenever, wherever.

  • The magnetic back makes it possible to attach the camera in places without any additional mounts.
  • When combined with its attachments. Such as the metallic pendant and the cap mount, you're able to mount this camera on yourself without the hassle of all the straps and buckles like any other action camera.
  • The charging case now works as a controller for the camera as well. With a Go display inside and all the control button, you'd need. You don't need to use your phone to make the final changes to get your perfect shot.
  • The same charging case has two protruding legs making it possible to have the camera rest inside while using it for an into-the-camera shot. And if that wasn't enough, the case has a 3"4-inch mount underneath for the times when you want to attach it to a sturdy tripod.

Insta360 Listened to its users, and it shows.

The previous generation had a few prominent issues. This made it difficult for it to perform great in its ideal use-case. But, Insta360 has listened to its users when coming with the second generation of the camera. The camera comes with pros such as:

  • The major plus point for the camera is its form factor. There is hardly any camera that measures t such miniature dimensions without compromising on the image quality.
  • Insta360 has brought its expertise in cameras into the Go 2 as well. The image processing gives perfect sharpness and true tone colours without any post work needed.

Is the Camera Worth it?

The camera can be worth it for all those who can use its specific features to the max potential. And thus, it becomes necessary to understand how and what would you use this camera.

Considering all the camera has to deliver, there are a few drawbacks that it holds. With the finicky record button, it becomes difficult to be sure if the camera is recording. That can risk you missing the entire shot.

But if you aim at using the camera to up your general filmmaking game, this might be the right fit in your camera bag. Considering the size, it is the right fit for your pocket.


Different types of camera bring their own special us case and make it possible to take shots which no other camera can take. The same applies to Insta360 Go 2. You cannot replace your cinema camera or your professional camera with Insta360 Go 2. Nor can you use them to take shots which the Go 2 can.


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