Latika Nath - Hidden India

Wildlife Photographer

Latika Nath is an Indian author, photographer, and wildlife conservationist. 

Latika’s one-hour documentary film was featured on National Geographic in 2001 and she was awarded the title of ‘The Tiger Princess’. 

She has worked for the conservation of tigers since 1990. Latika Graduated in environmental science from the University of Delhi. 

Dr Latika Nath was just 4 years old when she fell in love with tigers and little did she know that this fascination would later earn her the title of ‘Tiger Princess’. 

She was 4 years old when her father went to Chitwan national park, Nepal where Dr Charles was conducting a study on tigers.

Her father brought back a photograph of a tiger that they had taken during their study and that’s where the love for Tigers began. 

She was always fascinated by these powerful animals that had never been properly studied in India. 

She was awarded a Chevening Award by The British Council to complete a master’s degree in rural resource management from the University College of North Wales, Bangor, UK.

She then obtained her D. Phil under the guidance of Prof. David Macdonald at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Department of Zoology, Christ Church, Oxford.

She was awarded a Research Fellowship at the Wildlife Institute of India and worked on Human-Elephant conflict resolution issues. 

Latika has travelled the world to capture various animals such as tigers, lions, cheetahs, jaguars, Asian elephants. 

Her Awards, Honours, and Titles Includes: 

The grant from Save the Tiger Fund for Camera Trap Development 1998–1999

Overseas Research Student Scholarship

Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Scholarship for the Year (Chevening Award) 

Research Fellowship, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra dun, 1994 – 1997

Karmaveer Puraskaar for Work in the field of Environment and Conservation

Award from ATOI for contribution to Ecotourism in India 2007. National Geographic featured Latika in an hour-long program called “Latika Rana – Tiger Princess” for a series titled “True Originals (USA)” and “Truth Files (Worldwide)” 

Latika was part of the campaign to launch the National Geographic Channel in India along with Gerry Martin and Hrithik Roshan

TEDxGurgaon 2012 Born to be Wild. 

TEDxSIULavale 2019. Tiger Conservation and more

“Her Daringness” May 2020 – An honorary title bestowed by former Ministerial Adviser Mr Nitin Gupta in a Cover Story based on Latika’s life and work.

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