4 Strategic Tips To Accelerate Your Skills In Mobile Photography!

Mobile Photography has been evolving ever since smartphones have introduced smart cameras. Anyone and everyone who has a smartphone can practically capture PRO-like photographs

But, professional Mobile Photography is not a piece of cake! Just like the other genres, you have to practice and learn a lot through online material, training, courses and more! Yes! You read it right! Even in Mobile Photography, you need to have great knowledge about every technical aspect and other requirements. Don’t take Mobile Photography lightly. It is as creative as the other genres and if you ace Mobile Photography, you are not less than a PRO! So let us dive into the list of tips that are sure to accelerate your skills in Mobile Photography.


Yes, every photograph requires a good amount of lighting and you have to light up your space to achieve great photographs! 

If you are shooting under the natural light you may check out the shadows that the sun makes on subjects and try to avoid those if you don’t need them and you may also notice the reflective light off buildings. Our best recommendation for this segment is to practice during the ‘golden hour,’ that is the period shortly after the sunrise or just before the sunset. Watch how the light from a window falls inside a room at different moments.


Do not use the zoom effect whenever you capture moments with your smartphone. Zooming in could certainly be the first mistake made when you take a photograph. Most of the time, when you zoom in, your images will come out grainy or hazy. 

  • How to avoid zooming and still achieve great photographs?

You may move closer to the subject or the object so you don’t have to rely on the camera. This is actually due to the size of the lens that your smartphone camera holds. 


Do change your perspective on things when you shoot with your smartphone camera. You must try different angles too. This will not only get you a better shot but will also show how you see your subjects with various angle possibilities. 

To achieve such angles, you could sit down or stand on a level higher than the ground level, etc. Just try as many different angles on your subject as possible to achieve the best photographs.


Mobile Photography is just incredible because of the hundreds of apps that are dedicated to the camera on your smartphones. These apps are extremely beneficial in editing your artwork filled with pixels. 

Using these apps you can correct minor errors like bad lighting and also get the skin retouched just like a professional! Learn how to use these creative apps and use them all to your advantage! 

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