3 Tips To Get More Eyeballs On Your Portrait Photographs!

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Are you a Portrait photographer struggling to capture professional Portrait photographs?

As a Portrait photographer, you have to capture the true character of your subject. If you want to capture such professional photographs of your subject, you need to learn the different styles and techniques that help create a perfect Portrait image.

Sometimes, taking your subject’s Portrait photographs can be difficult. Everyone wants to look great in their photographs and if you don’t keep up to their expectations, you are likely to lose your client base.
To help you capture some incredible Portrait photographs, we will be walking you through some amazing sets of tips in this article. But before we get started, here is a bit about Portrait Photography.


Portrait photography is a type of photography that aims towards capturing the inner personality of a person or group of people by using various lighting, backdrops, and poses. 

A portrait photograph should be shot creatively. Often, portrait photographs are shot for special occasions like weddings. 


As a Portrait photographer, you aim to capture the real character of your subject. For this, you have to keep your subject in focus. You should know that in Portrait Photography the background plays a very important role and to keep your subject in focus, you have to set up a simple or plain background for the subject. This will not only keep your subject in focus but will also not distract your audience from your subject. 

Portrait Photographs should be captured simply and creatively. Don’t keep shiny or bright backgrounds as this will distract your viewers and you probably will end up making a dull photograph.


Now that you have a good understanding of the backgrounds, we will move into the segment of poses for Portrait Photography

Work quickly with your subject with utmost confidence and calmness giving them clear instructions as you shoot. It is quite unlikely that your client might know how to pose. This is why you will have to give clear instructions to your subject.

Don’t just overload your subject with complicated poses. Just ask them to pose simply and decently and instruct things like “Sit Erect or Sideways” or “Raise your chin” etc. You may also explore a few different posing techniques like asking your subject to stand or make them sit still in a more relaxed and comfortable position.


To level up your portrait photograph, you could keep your subject in focus by blurring the background. You could use a shallow depth of field as this will allow you to keep your subject in focus and have your background blurred.

You can easily control the depth of field on your camera by adjusting the aperture of the lens. Just so you know, the aperture is the opening inside your lens that allows light to travel smoothly through the front of the lens to the camera’s sensor.

As a Portrait Photographer, do not fail to keep up with your subject’s expectations. The better you photograph your subject, the more clients you will get. Moreover, you could also build your creative portfolio when you get more and more clients! So don’t forget to use these tips when you photograph your next portrait as these tips are sure to help you!

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