5 Mind-Blowing Tips For Underwater Photography

If you are just getting started into the world of Underwater Photography, it can be a little overpowering! As an Underwater photographer, you need to know underwater life very well. You have to learn about them, know their behaviours and practice around them just to make sure that you are well-versed with life underwater.

Moreover, you must know your camera well enough to learn how you can use its varied functions before you dive into underwater life. Once you have got your hands over the camera’s functions, you can follow the mind-blowing tips for Underwater Photography to get the best shots in your career and profession.


Strobes can not always help you capture great underwater photographs. A strobe generally helps an Underwater photographer by introducing more light to a particular scene that certainly helps to bring out the true colours of your desired subject. 

Moreover, it also reduces the wavelengths that affect most of the Underwater photographs. In addition to this, a strobe also helps to freeze motion from your camera that is highly crucial when capturing the pro-active marine life!


Working with your camera underwater can always be a challenging task. Moreover, setting up the camera’s shutter speed underwater can be even more challenging. This is because, if you set the shutter to a slower speed, you will get more light and your subject will turn out blurry. 

On the other hand, if you switch your shutter to a higher speed, it will freeze the motion and will capture every little detail with not inefficient light that may lead to a black or dark background that most Underwater photographers don’t prefer.

You can achieve great Underwater photographs by using a high ISO setting and a potential strobe and comparatively medium shutter speed. Using this trick, you could capture great Underwater photographs by getting sufficient light with a clear subject!


One of the greatest tips for professional Underwater Photography is to stay as close to your subject as you can. This is because if you stay close to your subject, you will capture great photographs. 

Water is dense and the further you go from your subject the more wavelengths will be recorded. So if you are looking to capture sharp details of your subject, get close to it and use a strobe as this will help you achieve your desired underwater photographs.


We suggest you shoot when you have the sun overhead to obtain excellent natural lighting in your underwater photographs.

Shoot while the sun is directly overhead for the best natural lighting in your underwater photos. This is because the light refracts off the surface of the water when the sun’s light is angled, and only a part of the light enters the water. When the sun is overhead, its flash on the water is the widest. 


As an Underwater photographer, you have to present the best photographs out of the set to your clients (if any). You cannot afford to give a photograph full of flaws as it ultimately makes no sense.

To achieve flawless photographs, you must use good image editing apps and software to upgrade your underwater photographs. Using these editing apps, you could add filters or even eliminate flaws as this will upgrade the quality of your final photograph.

If you want to spend less time on the editing table, be vigilant, stay focused and stay updated with all the current trends and hacks. Hope these mind-blowing tips help you achieve your desired Underwater photographs! 

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