Mann Shinde - Portraiture & Fashion photographer

Fashion Photographer

Mann Shinde is a leading Celebrity, Fashion, Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer based in Mumbai, India.

He has worked with popular brands such as Shein and Femme Luxe. 

While being an excellent photographer, Mann is also a photography instructor who shares his expertise with aspiring photographers via his value-packed workshops. 

Not only Being an Excellent Photographer Mann Shinde also happens to be an amazing Photography instructor & tutor, spreading knowledge through his powerful workshops available for every person who holds an

interest in photography and wants to master this field.

Mann believes, “My photographs will always be different from others & they will always have a feel of true life in them. “

Mann Shinde has had the opportunity to share his imagery and experience internationally in the fashion destinations of Mumbai & London.

He is a leading female fashion photographer originating from the Heart of India Mumbai. Photographing Common People & T.V Show celebrities.

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