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30th March 2023




Wedding PHotography Masterclass

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Lunch and snacks will be provided.

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What Will You Learn


During big part of the morning will dedicate my time to explain Victor’s philosophy, what is his path in wedding photography and how and why he photographs weddings.

Visualization and explanation of real examples where he will show different examples on how he works in a real wedding or a couple session.

He will make special emphasis on how to capture the light and the atmosphere in each moment applying the particular vision. This will undoubtedly be one of the main points of Victor Lax’s workshop.


Practical session for two hours with a real couple where he will explain not only how he directs his couples but also how he gets the most out of the Light whether it is natural or artificial.

Selection and editing of our photos Marketing, business and networking.

Victor Lax

Wedding Photographer

Víctor Lax has dedicated most of his life to photography and together with Erika they constitute Lax Photography.

With more than ten years as a wedding photographer, Victor has become one of the major references in wedding photography. In fact, he has been repeatedly ranked as the best wedding photographer in the world by the world’s most prestigious associations.

Victor’s style is unique and personal, and he has been able to capture better than anyone else the light, atmosphere, and unrepeatable moments of each of the couples he has photographed throughout his career.

Wedding Bootcamp Season 2

Wedding Masterclass

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You can only purchase this Masterclass once you have bought the Wedding bootcamp.
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