Master Maternity Photography

A Start To Finish Guide To Master Maternity Photography

 Maternity photography is such a beautiful opportunity to capture the glowing mommy-to-be, right before the arrival of her baby! You have the opportunity to ensure her comfort during what is likely to be a trying moment in her life. Preparing for these pregnancy photoshoots ahead of time can help the expectant mother feel less stressed. As a result, you will need to plan ahead and have your techniques, poses, and advice ready.

Here are some maternity photoshoot tips that will ensure you capture the perfect shots that will help your client create a lifetime of happy memories!

  • The Right Time
The Right Time

The most decent time to do a maternity photo shoot is typically between 33-36 weeks into pregnancy. However, you should always consult your client about any special circumstances that may affect her due date. 

  • Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot
Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

The most beautiful part of doing outdoor maternity sessions is that you can pick and choose varied locations. If your client is wearing a more revealing maternity dress, most likely your client will want a more private location.

  •  Indoor Maternity Photoshoot
Indoor Maternity Photoshoot

 If you are taking your clients photos indoors, we recommend you plan to shoot during the brightest time of day. You may ask your client to stand near a window, you may also add a plain white curtain or hang a white sheet to diffuse the bright light and be sure to turn off all the artificial studio lights so they don’t add strange shadows.

  • Props For Maternity Photoshoot
Props For Maternity Photoshoot

Making use of varied props can be an incredible way to add some fun to your client’s maternity photos. When it comes to maternity photography there are endless props to enhance your shots! You could use the following props:-

  • Baby shoes
  • It’s a girl – sign
  • It’s a boy – sign
  • Creative banners
  • Countdown board
  • Mom-to-be banner
  • Mini crown
  • Coming soon banner
  • Family Maternity Photoshoot
Family Maternity Photoshoot

This is a great way to get even more creative if you have a whole family who wants to get in on the maternity shoot fun! If you include siblings, it will give you endless options for creating unique family maternity photos. Capture the excitement by having them hug or kiss her belly.

  • Ace The Silhouette
Ace The Silhouette

 Celebrate your client’s amazing pregnant body by taking black and white maternity photos of their silhouette. Silhouette photography is an incredible way to take maternity pictures without showing too much. It strikes the perfect balance between revealing and protecting, preserving some of the magic happening there and keeping it personal. It also helps a lot if your client feels uncomfortable when being photographed, which happens to a lot of women – both pregnant and not.

  •  Keep It Simple
 Keep It Simple

 To keep the focus on your client’s growing baby bump, you may also opt to have a simple and casual photoshoot. This means no dressing up, no specific background setup, and no extra elements. It’s just your client and her baby, which is actually what truly matters in every photo shoot. 

  • Ensuring Comfort
Ensuring Comfort

 Maternity photoshoots can be longer than you expect, especially when you include high-standard setups, continuous wardrobe changes, etc. If you opt for an outdoor shoot, your session could go even longer where you would have to set up an entire outdoor theme, get the light equipment in place, travelling hours and so on. Throughout the process, keep in mind that your client will get tired. To keep her relaxed and comfortable, you need to arrange a comfortable chair or a good place for your client to sit back and relax.Make sure you consider these tips when you hop onto your maternity shoots! We would love to hear from you about the various difficulties faced by you during your maternity sessions in the comments section below!

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