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Beginner’s Guide To Maternity Photography!

In recent times, maternity photography has become a profoundly popular and sought after genre in photography.The popularity of capturing this significant phase for a woman is valuable and many people are looking to improve their ability in this specific genre of photography.

Nowadays, maternity photography is becoming an important part of the industry. Moreover there are endless number of studios and photographers who are offering maternity and newborn photo packages. Photographing a mother-to-be can be quite challenging, but if you follow certain guidelines and spice them up with your own creative ideas and instincts, you can certainly create magnificent and emotional portraits that capture this amazing time!

To help you spice up your Maternity Game, here are a few things that you must keep in mind!

 1:- Think Safe –

On any shoot, make certain that your client’s safety is a top priority. The safety of your client cannot be ignored at any point of time. Be sure you choose a location that won’t prove to be tough or dangerous for the mother to navigate. We also recommend keeping your hands on plenty of safety precautions to keep her comforted.

2:-Be Thoughtful-

Maternity sessions are always about ‘Capturing Special Moments’ and if you aren’t thoughtful enough, a wardrobe malfunction or an unwanted pose could ruin your entire set-up and your client will remain unhappy. To avoid such a mess, you have to plan your shoot well in advance. You have to be as careful as you can to avoid uncomfortable poses or else it will ruin your work.

 3:-Communicate Effectively –

Lack of communication and unclear directions can quickly destroy maternity photography sessions. You need to be patient and take your time to explain in a simple way what you want your subject to do. For instance, you may ask her to turn just a little bit to the left or to the right and so on. Communicating effectively will not only help you co-ordinate well with your client but will also help get you the best desired shots!

 4:-Keep it simple-

The point of every Maternity shoot is to create timeless memories for your client. It will portray your client’s journey as a mother. If it’s your client’s first time being a mother, the shoot must be really special for her. You can’t just simply get it done anywhere, but you must choose an alternate special place to shoot-it could be in your studio or a place where your client is comfortable. Once you finalise a great place, you must keep the set-up simple. The more simple your set-up is, the more smoothly your session will flow.

5:-The Perfect Time:-

You have to keep in mind and always remember to choose the time carefully. A maternity shoot is all about proudly showing your client’s baby bump to the world. So just make sure that the bump is in full shape when you get the client’s shoot done. Don’t wait for the end days to get the shoot done as your client might be uncomfortable during that time.

Pregnancy is a book full of happy chapters, so take this opportunity to help your clients experience the fun and exciting part of being a mom-to-be. Encourage them to smile and embrace the growing life in their womb! It doesn’t really matter if your clients maternity photos are grand or simple. At the end of the day, what matters is that you document the meaningful experience and exciting nine-month journey of carrying your client’s little bundle of joy in your photographs!

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