4 Must Avoid Mistakes For Every Wedding Photographer!

Do you want to know what mistakes you have been making as a wedding photographer?

In the beginning, Wedding Photography may seem easy, but the more you learn about it, the more you realize how little you know. But, being a Wedding Photographer is not that easy. You could be proficient in knowing everything about wedding shoots, but you could tend to make mistakes! These mistakes may also bring down your entire Wedding Photography business or your photography career.

To help you avoid losing onto your hard-earned business or your dream photography career, we have curated this article that covers 5 common mistakes that every creative wedding photographer must avoid!

Our Masters Of Photography – Divyam Mehrotra, Jay Cassarioa, Megha Bhatia, Neeta Shankar and Raman Dipak featured on Capturing WOW Talks with our founder Mr. Luv Israni and shared the common mistakes aspiring Wedding Photographers must avoid!


Talking about her journey in Wedding Photography, Megha Bhatia said, “There was a time when I was lost in my career. I didn’t have a clear vision to work for”. She also said that she lacked creative satisfaction that led her to come to a point where she wanted to quit her career in Wedding Photography! 

Several photographers lack a vision and that they slog away in their vision-less careers. Having a clear vision will not only help you have your mind working towards a specific goal but will also motivate you to achieve that vision of yours.


At the session, Jay Cassario shed light on the importance of educating clients.

Famous wedding photographers often tend to make the mistake of not educating their clients. He said, “Educate your clients and focus on yourself and your Wedding Photography brand. If your clients don’t know who you are or what your brand is all about, you won’t get leads.  


“Wedding Photography is about keeping the couple a priority,” said Jay Cassario. Being a wedding photographer, you have the responsibility of capturing special moments of the special day. 

Now if you don’t focus on capturing these special moments of the couple, there is no point in shooting the wedding otherwise. 


Neeta Shankar said, “Focus on building your skills” while Jay Cassario added, “Always keep learning and try to incorporate those learnings in your work”.

Numerous photographers feel that they know literally everything but in reality, they don’t.

You must learn something new everyday, it could be about Wedding Photography or even about how to build your Wedding Photography business! Learning will not only enhance your knowledge but also will help you upgrade your skills.

Hope these inspiring pieces of advice help you in your Wedding Photography career and that you avoid such mistakes in near future.

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