3 Rookie Mistakes That Food Photographers Make!

Food Photography is undoubtedly one of the most creative genres in the photography industry. Just like how an artist paints his artwork starting with his blank canvas that he paints little by little. In the same way, a chef prepares his dish by adding ingredients one by one. A professional photographer’s role then comes into the spotlight when he captures this beautiful artwork and the dish using his camera. A photographer not only captures a photograph of the artwork or the dish but also tries his level best to tell a deep story and bring out the true essence in the particular photograph! Are you trying to bring out the true essence in your photographs as well, but you can’t do so due to certain shortcomings? 

Well, well, well! Getting into the field of Food Photography can sometimes be baffling, we know! Even professional photographers sometimes find it difficult to get their desired shot! They tend to make silly mistakes even after years of practice and experience! 


Do you feel that you too have been making certain mistakes that you cannot find? Do you want to capture the perfect Food photograph? If your answer to these questions is a big YES, then read along the blog to get a list of 3 common mistakes that you must avoid as a Food Photographer!



It might sound surprising to you, but your viewer is more likely to get attracted towards your supporting crew (props) and not your main hero (dish)! This is because numerous Food photographers tend to add on extra and unwanted props that get the dish out of the spotlight. This is not what you have been looking for! 

As a Food photographer, you must bring the actual dish under the spotlight and not the props. You could achieve this by using several lighting techniques and other creative hacks.



As a Food photographer, you try your best to be as creative as you can. You do your best to bring out the most vibrant colours and tell a story in your photographs. But several Food photographers tend to make mistakes with a wrong selection of colour schemes.  This is one of the most common mistakes made among budding Food photographers worldwide. 

It is good to have colourful props, but if that colourful prop does not suit your dish or matches with the colour scheme, those colourful props could easily distract your viewers from your food and may grab all the attention. Remember, when you place items near your dish, try to use props or stuff with matching tones, or of any colour that matches the colour scene. Play around with the colour strategies with the help of the colour wheel.  

For instance, if your dish consists of bright-coloured fruits like the red strawberries, you may use props that don’t collide with the strawberries. You could use a black tray or black background to make your dish, the star of your photograph! This not only helps your bright-coloured dish to be the star but also brings out the true essence of the dish in your photographs!


The post-production process is one of the most important processes in the photography industry. If you don’t carry out this process efficiently, all of your hard work is going to fall off. Bad editing can break your entire photograph and you don’t want this to happen! You could use editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance your photographs. But make sure you don’t overly edit your photographs. Believe in yourself and edit only the required areas of your photographs. 

Bad editing, poor colour scheme and unclear hero are going to ruin your photograph. The next time you photograph delicious delicacies make sure you avoid these mistakes and capture mouth-watering Food photographs like a PRO!

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