Maternity Photoshoot At Home

5 Ways To Nail Maternity Photos At Home!

Not sure about heading to a professional studio and getting a set of maternity portraits done? Can’t decide how to get your maternity photographs snapped? If such questions are rolling onto your mind, you need not worry!

Our Blog is a complete guide to help you get your desired maternity photographs from the comfort of your home!

Planning First:-

This sounds very obvious, but preparation is your best friend. If you are well prepared and you’ve planned everything well in advance from ideation to props, to locating the right place to shoot at home, you’ll certainly know in advance what poses you will be photographing and hence you can decide what clothing you will wear in each image. These are two fewer things for you to worry about!

Understanding The Importance of Lighting:-

This is one of the most important aspects of maternity photography. If you have great quality natural/artificial light coming in, you are already halfway there. Also, if you have a lot of light in the room you will have good light portraits. On the other hand, if you’d prefer darker portraits, you may simply close the curtains and leave just a little gap to let the light come through. In this way, you could have the brightest maternity photographs as well as the low light photographs, as per your requirements.

Secret Tip:- 

You may sit further away from the window and in this way, the light will not be very harsh and overexposed on your skin resulting in a smooth photograph.

Using Tripods- Self-Timer or Remote Controls:

Using The self-timer or Remote control tripods could be of great help when you are shooting on your own. Your partner can of course take your photos, but if he wants to feature in them, then a remote control would be useful. If you photograph with a “point and shoot”, then a self-timer is likely to be your only option.

Keeping Simple Backgrounds:-

Make sure there is not too much clutter on your wall or background that has clothes and weird shapes like chairs and lamps. Try to have as simple a background as possible. For instance, if you shoot a portrait with a cluttered background your Portrait could look shabby. On the other hand, if you’ve got a clutter-free background, your portraits will turn out to be clear and soothing to the eye.

Plan your photoshoot session 7-8 weeks before the due date:-

Your belly will grow and you will feel heavier now and then and you’ll probably be less willing to do anything. When you plan well in advance, you’ll have all the confidence to get going with your maternity shoot!

While shooting at home try and have fun and don’t stress yourself out. Also, keep in mind that it takes many attempts to get one ‘perfect shot’. So it’s normal to have 10 trashed shots with one good shot, remember you are not a professional photographer and you’ll tend to make mistakes. Try different angles, lighting and positions, until you get that one shot you like. So take a deep breath and say to yourself, “You’ve got this!”


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Best-Ever DIY Hacks To Ace Newborn Photography At Home

There are several reasons why professional newborn photography isn’t always the best option for all parents. These reasons may include health factors, finances, work rosters, complicated delivery situations, continual family visits, and various other reasons. Such situations make it difficult for parents to move to and fro with their newborns. Now here's a question that arises, "Is it possible to snap studio-like newborn photographs at home?"

The answer to this is yes, you can take awesome studio-like snaps of your little one at home! You may not have invested in proficient equipment or any kind of education in photography but, when provided with a few tips and tricks, a simple camera of any kind, and a good natural light coming straight from your window or elsewhere, you can take some pictures that you’ll love for years to come.

Before we get started, here are a few things you need for your newborn's DIY photoshoot:

  • A sleepy baby
  • A camera
  • The simple backdrop of any colour
  • A pillow
  • Few props
  • Basic photo editing software
  • Lots of patience!

So let's dive into the pool of DIY hacks that will help you capture your newborn's little moments at home!


Nearly every photographer will tell you that light can make or break your photograph! So before you snap your newborn's photograph, you must always give a thought to when and where your home gets the best natural light. Natural lighting will not always work. Direct sun can cause harsh light and shadows on your newborn, which is something you do not want for your newborn photos. So you have to check the direction and the amount of lighting that enters your room.

A rich-lit room with even light would work better for you if you do not want to keep checking on the natural lights. On the other hand, if you try to do your newborn photoshoot in a poorly lit room, you will likely end up with grainy, blurry newborn pictures. So instead, we suggest finding a room with nice light, cosying up to the window and then turning off all the other unwanted lights in the room.

•The Prop-Star!

Your newborn baby is undoubtedly the star of the photoshoot, but adding in a few props to the shoot can make your newborn pictures shine brighter. Need some suggestions? We've listed a few below!

Maximum people have things around their house that they can use as props for the photoshoot. 

     •Cute Handcrafted Bowls

     •Colorful Bubbles



     •Stork Sacks

     •Cute Cocoons

     •Bands and Bows


     •Handmade Nest

     •Candies, etc.

You may also use a few household baskets which could work well as a prop for your newborn baby. Make sure you put plenty of padding on top so your newborn baby is comfortable! At the end of the day, your baby’s safety and comfort are always the most important.


Avoid adding extra elements in your newborn baby photo session. These extra elements would distract you from your subject. A simple wrap and a hat or a cute headband can look gorgeous, and the easiest way to make it work is to ensure that they suit your theme well.

•Location & Angles:

You may vary your newborn baby's shots by trying different locations like on the bed or beanbag and any other comfy place. Besides shooting in multiple locations, you must also shoot from many angles and perspectives for a variety of newborn photos without even needing to move your baby.


Your newborn baby's skin is soft and delicate, and if you use bright contrast or colour in your editing this can enhance any imperfect skin and would add more work on your shoulders. If you are not confident in your editing skills, you may keep it simple and beautiful. 

Do not be afraid to go black and white or add a filter and play around with various colours. It could give a simple photograph a new impressive look. For basic level-editing you can use the Instagram filters or editing features, the Photoshop editing app or any other easy photo editing apps you are comfortable with.

 Newborn photography could get difficult for you. Sometimes your newborn won’t even participate or your baby won’t even settle. You might be too exhausted or overwhelmed to even attempt this DIY newborn baby photography. That’s alright. Don’t pressurise yourself if you can’t get them done in the first 14 days or even the first month. Some photographers have snapped newborns at the 7-week mark too!

To gain valuable insights and to learn from the best in the photography and filmmaking industry, tune in to Capturing WOW -  a platform for photographers, filmmakers and content creators to come together, learn, discover, network and grow!


A Start To Finish Guide To Master Maternity Photography

 Maternity photography is such a beautiful opportunity to capture the glowing mommy-to-be, right before the arrival of her baby! You have the opportunity to ensure her comfort during what is likely to be a trying moment in her life. Preparing for these pregnancy photoshoots ahead of time can help the expectant mother feel less stressed. As a result, you will need to plan ahead and have your techniques, poses, and advice ready.

Here are some maternity photoshoot tips that will ensure you capture the perfect shots that will help your client create a lifetime of happy memories!

  • The Right Time

The Right Time

The most decent time to do a maternity photo shoot is typically between 33-36 weeks into pregnancy. However, you should always consult your client about any special circumstances that may affect her due date. 

  • Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

The most beautiful part of doing outdoor maternity sessions is that you can pick and choose varied locations. If your client is wearing a more revealing maternity dress, most likely your client will want a more private location.

  •  Indoor Maternity Photoshoot

Indoor Maternity Photoshoot

 If you are taking your clients photos indoors, we recommend you plan to shoot during the brightest time of day. You may ask your client to stand near a window, you may also add a plain white curtain or hang a white sheet to diffuse the bright light and be sure to turn off all the artificial studio lights so they don't add strange shadows.

  • Props For Maternity Photoshoot

Props For Maternity Photoshoot

Making use of varied props can be an incredible way to add some fun to your client's maternity photos. When it comes to maternity photography there are endless props to enhance your shots! You could use the following props:-

  • Baby shoes
  • It's a girl - sign
  • It's a boy - sign
  • Creative banners
  • Countdown board
  • Mom-to-be banner
  • Mini crown
  • Coming soon banner

  • Family Maternity Photoshoot

Family Maternity Photoshoot

This is a great way to get even more creative if you have a whole family who wants to get in on the maternity shoot fun! If you include siblings, it will give you endless options for creating unique family maternity photos. Capture the excitement by having them hug or kiss her belly.

  • Ace The Silhouette

Ace The Silhouette

 Celebrate your client's amazing pregnant body by taking black and white maternity photos of their silhouette. Silhouette photography is an incredible way to take maternity pictures without showing too much. It strikes the perfect balance between revealing and protecting, preserving some of the magic happening there and keeping it personal. It also helps a lot if your client feels uncomfortable when being photographed, which happens to a lot of women – both pregnant and not.

  •  Keep It Simple

 Keep It Simple

 To keep the focus on your client's growing baby bump, you may also opt to have a simple and casual photoshoot. This means no dressing up, no specific background setup, and no extra elements. It’s just your client and her baby, which is actually what truly matters in every photo shoot. 

  • Ensuring Comfort

Ensuring Comfort

 Maternity photoshoots can be longer than you expect, especially when you include high-standard setups, continuous wardrobe changes, etc. If you opt for an outdoor shoot, your session could go even longer where you would have to set up an entire outdoor theme, get the light equipment in place, travelling hours and so on. Throughout the process, keep in mind that your client will get tired. To keep her relaxed and comfortable, you need to arrange a comfortable chair or a good place for your client to sit back and relax.Make sure you consider these tips when you hop onto your maternity shoots! We would love to hear from you about the various difficulties faced by you during your maternity sessions in the comments section below!


Beginner’s Guide To Maternity Photography!

In recent times, maternity photography has become a profoundly popular and sought after genre in photography.The popularity of capturing this significant phase for a woman is valuable and many people are looking to improve their ability in this specific genre of photography.

Nowadays, maternity photography is becoming an important part of the industry. Moreover there are endless number of studios and photographers who are offering maternity and newborn photo packages. Photographing a mother-to-be can be quite challenging, but if you follow certain guidelines and spice them up with your own creative ideas and instincts, you can certainly create magnificent and emotional portraits that capture this amazing time!

To help you spice up your Maternity Game, here are a few things that you must keep in mind!

 1:- Think Safe -

On any shoot, make certain that your client's safety is a top priority. The safety of your client cannot be ignored at any point of time. Be sure you choose a location that won’t prove to be tough or dangerous for the mother to navigate. We also recommend keeping your hands on plenty of safety precautions to keep her comforted.

2:-Be Thoughtful-

Maternity sessions are always about 'Capturing Special Moments' and if you aren't thoughtful enough, a wardrobe malfunction or an unwanted pose could ruin your entire set-up and your client will remain unhappy. To avoid such a mess, you have to plan your shoot well in advance. You have to be as careful as you can to avoid uncomfortable poses or else it will ruin your work.

 3:-Communicate Effectively -

Lack of communication and unclear directions can quickly destroy maternity photography sessions. You need to be patient and take your time to explain in a simple way what you want your subject to do. For instance, you may ask her to turn just a little bit to the left or to the right and so on. Communicating effectively will not only help you co-ordinate well with your client but will also help get you the best desired shots!

 4:-Keep it simple-

The point of every Maternity shoot is to create timeless memories for your client. It will portray your client's journey as a mother. If it’s your client's first time being a mother, the shoot must be really special for her. You can't just simply get it done anywhere, but you must choose an alternate special place to shoot-it could be in your studio or a place where your client is comfortable. Once you finalise a great place, you must keep the set-up simple. The more simple your set-up is, the more smoothly your session will flow.

5:-The Perfect Time:-

You have to keep in mind and always remember to choose the time carefully. A maternity shoot is all about proudly showing your client's baby bump to the world. So just make sure that the bump is in full shape when you get the client's shoot done. Don’t wait for the end days to get the shoot done as your client might be uncomfortable during that time.

Pregnancy is a book full of happy chapters, so take this opportunity to help your clients experience the fun and exciting part of being a mom-to-be. Encourage them to smile and embrace the growing life in their womb! It doesn't really matter if your clients maternity photos are grand or simple. At the end of the day, what matters is that you document the meaningful experience and exciting nine-month journey of carrying your client's little bundle of joy in your photographs!


How to draw inspiration from children to create a masterpiece – Alba Soler

Children have a charm of their own. The unpredictability of their actions is the very definition of candid, and a vivid personification of nature! The precious moments children of all ages gift us is an art, and children's photographers are the artists that wield the camera that carves these moments into stone! 

Alba Soler is a special artist, and a master of the beautiful genre of children's photography, which is an umbrella term for a variety of sub-genres such as maternity photography, newborn photography, and child photography.

About Alba:

As an advertising professional, Alba underwent a steep learning curve of a substantial range, when she learned photography, web page design, etc. It was through sheer experimentation and open-mindedness that she picked up the camera, and was instantly smitten by photography. It is through photography that Alba learned how to express the knowledge she gained through advertising and picked up the advertising mantra of always trying to sell something, be it an idea or a product.

How To Handle Clients:

The idea of children's photography appealed to her due to the soul of the genre and the scope for creativity. Alba mentions that her mental bandwidth for creativity had diminished due to the surplus of demanding clients on her plate, and felt the need to take a step back and take time to herself, and set her own pace with respect to clientele. It bore fruit as she began to enjoy working anew and discovered the true creative freedom photographing children can lend. Being a resourceful researcher is the only organic way to approach potential clients. She also instructs us to value ourselves and our work aptly so as to accommodate the necessary investment in order to make business feasible.

Putting Your Work Out There:

Marketing yourself is more than just putting out feelers for clients. It involves communicating to your target audience, making your intentions and ambitions clear, giving them a reason to choose you. For a photographer, especially a children's photographer, a blog will never go amiss, as it is a good way to introduce yourself and your work to your audience while speaking to them. Constant content creation and Instagram behind the scenes also portray a friendly yet hard-working image that is beneficial to get attention from prospective clients. Effective organic SEO will help elevate you on Google search pages. She also states that giving prices away before collecting the client's information is obsolete, and she stresses on the need to collect data through forms before allowing website visitors to view price information.

Approach And Shooting Methods:

Alba is someone who loves to derive inspiration through as many sources as possible. Her approach is a unique blend of thorough preparation and fluid innovation. She loves to experiment with lights, props and clothes and find a permutation that works best in context with the requirements of the shoot. The requirements for a shoot can vary depending on factors determined by the clients. The shoot should be moulded based on the clients, and the subject's features must be highlighted. Their personal preferences must also be taken into account. Meticulous and precise, Alba doesn't rely on editing as much as she does on planning the right hour and location for the shoot so as to achieve the optimum quality through an organic shoot with minimal touching up.

Catering To The Subjects:

Handling children and their parents is a skill that is essential if you are a budding children's photographer. Alba mentions that being honest about your expectations with the parents is the best way to handle them, such as asking them not to be too loud for fear of distracting the child. Handling children, however, is a more nuanced task. Alba specifies that boys from ages 7-9 are restless and a quick approach works with them. Girls of the same age are far more agreeable and enjoy the photoshoot to the fullest! For younger age groups, toys which are interesting to look at work well to keep their attention. She mentions that her approach to photographing children is instruction oriented as communication is the best way to get a person to understand what is expected of them. 

Alba has been cultivating budding photographers for the best part of 8 years, and is an inspiration within the industry. It is with this experience that she has co-authored the book Child Photography - Techniques and Styles. With the amount she has to offer in terms of knowledge and expertise, it is with utmost interest that we pay heed to the invaluable advice she gives us!


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