Maternity Photoshoot At Home

5 Ways To Nail Maternity Photos At Home!

Not sure about heading to a professional studio and getting a set of maternity portraits done? Can’t decide how to get your maternity photographs snapped? If such questions are rolling onto your mind, you need not worry!

Our Blog is a complete guide to help you get your desired maternity photographs from the comfort of your home!

Planning First:-

This sounds very obvious, but preparation is your best friend. If you are well prepared and you’ve planned everything well in advance from ideation to props, to locating the right place to shoot at home, you’ll certainly know in advance what poses you will be photographing and hence you can decide what clothing you will wear in each image. These are two fewer things for you to worry about!

Understanding The Importance of Lighting:-

This is one of the most important aspects of maternity photography. If you have great quality natural/artificial light coming in, you are already halfway there. Also, if you have a lot of light in the room you will have good light portraits. On the other hand, if you’d prefer darker portraits, you may simply close the curtains and leave just a little gap to let the light come through. In this way, you could have the brightest maternity photographs as well as the low light photographs, as per your requirements.

Secret Tip:- 

You may sit further away from the window and in this way, the light will not be very harsh and overexposed on your skin resulting in a smooth photograph.

Using Tripods- Self-Timer or Remote Controls:

Using The self-timer or Remote control tripods could be of great help when you are shooting on your own. Your partner can of course take your photos, but if he wants to feature in them, then a remote control would be useful. If you photograph with a “point and shoot”, then a self-timer is likely to be your only option.

Keeping Simple Backgrounds:-

Make sure there is not too much clutter on your wall or background that has clothes and weird shapes like chairs and lamps. Try to have as simple a background as possible. For instance, if you shoot a portrait with a cluttered background your Portrait could look shabby. On the other hand, if you’ve got a clutter-free background, your portraits will turn out to be clear and soothing to the eye.

Plan your photoshoot session 7-8 weeks before the due date:-

Your belly will grow and you will feel heavier now and then and you’ll probably be less willing to do anything. When you plan well in advance, you’ll have all the confidence to get going with your maternity shoot!

While shooting at home try and have fun and don’t stress yourself out. Also, keep in mind that it takes many attempts to get one ‘perfect shot’. So it’s normal to have 10 trashed shots with one good shot, remember you are not a professional photographer and you’ll tend to make mistakes. Try different angles, lighting and positions, until you get that one shot you like. So take a deep breath and say to yourself, “You’ve got this!”

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