Best-Ever DIY Hacks To Ace Newborn Photography At Home

There are several reasons why professional newborn photography isn’t always the best option for all parents. These reasons may include health factors, finances, work rosters, complicated delivery situations, continual family visits, and various other reasons. Such situations make it difficult for parents to move to and fro with their newborns. Now here’s a question that arises, “Is it possible to snap studio-like newborn photographs at home?”

The answer to this is yes, you can take awesome studio-like snaps of your little one at home! You may not have invested in proficient equipment or any kind of education in photography but, when provided with a few tips and tricks, a simple camera of any kind, and a good natural light coming straight from your window or elsewhere, you can take some pictures that you’ll love for years to come.

Before we get started, here are a few things you need for your newborn’s DIY photoshoot:

  • A sleepy baby
  • A camera
  • The simple backdrop of any colour
  • A pillow
  • Few props
  • Basic photo editing software
  • Lots of patience!

So let’s dive into the pool of DIY hacks that will help you capture your newborn’s little moments at home!


Nearly every photographer will tell you that light can make or break your photograph! So before you snap your newborn’s photograph, you must always give a thought to when and where your home gets the best natural light. Natural lighting will not always work. Direct sun can cause harsh light and shadows on your newborn, which is something you do not want for your newborn photos. So you have to check the direction and the amount of lighting that enters your room.

A rich-lit room with even light would work better for you if you do not want to keep checking on the natural lights. On the other hand, if you try to do your newborn photoshoot in a poorly lit room, you will likely end up with grainy, blurry newborn pictures. So instead, we suggest finding a room with nice light, cosying up to the window and then turning off all the other unwanted lights in the room.

•The Prop-Star!

Your newborn baby is undoubtedly the star of the photoshoot, but adding in a few props to the shoot can make your newborn pictures shine brighter. Need some suggestions? We’ve listed a few below!

Maximum people have things around their house that they can use as props for the photoshoot. 

     •Cute Handcrafted Bowls

     •Colorful Bubbles



     •Stork Sacks

     •Cute Cocoons

     •Bands and Bows


     •Handmade Nest

     •Candies, etc.

You may also use a few household baskets which could work well as a prop for your newborn baby. Make sure you put plenty of padding on top so your newborn baby is comfortable! At the end of the day, your baby’s safety and comfort are always the most important.


Avoid adding extra elements in your newborn baby photo session. These extra elements would distract you from your subject. A simple wrap and a hat or a cute headband can look gorgeous, and the easiest way to make it work is to ensure that they suit your theme well.

•Location & Angles:

You may vary your newborn baby’s shots by trying different locations like on the bed or beanbag and any other comfy place. Besides shooting in multiple locations, you must also shoot from many angles and perspectives for a variety of newborn photos without even needing to move your baby.


Your newborn baby’s skin is soft and delicate, and if you use bright contrast or colour in your editing this can enhance any imperfect skin and would add more work on your shoulders. If you are not confident in your editing skills, you may keep it simple and beautiful. 

Do not be afraid to go black and white or add a filter and play around with various colours. It could give a simple photograph a new impressive look. For basic level-editing you can use the Instagram filters or editing features, the Photoshop editing app or any other easy photo editing apps you are comfortable with.

 Newborn photography could get difficult for you. Sometimes your newborn won’t even participate or your baby won’t even settle. You might be too exhausted or overwhelmed to even attempt this DIY newborn baby photography. That’s alright. Don’t pressurise yourself if you can’t get them done in the first 14 days or even the first month. Some photographers have snapped newborns at the 7-week mark too!

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