Nitin Dangwal-photographers, filmmakers and creatives.

Nitin Dangwal

Nitin Dangwal attended the CapturingWOW 2019 event. An event for all the photographers, filmmakers and creatives. CapturingWOW 2019 had a lineup of speakers from across India


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Jassi Oberai

Jassi Oberai speaks about the networking opportunities presented at CapturingWOW 2019


Harshad Chavan

Harshad Chavan from Toast Events talks on the vast audience in CapturingWOW  2019.


Rajesh Gupta

Rajesh Gupta from The Lensocrat shared his experience of learning from the Masterclasses at CapturingWOW.


Mahesh Shirodkar

Tamarind Global's Mahesh Shirodkar attended the debates, panels and sessions at CapturingWOW 2019 summit.


Dhiraj Bhagtani

Dhiraj Bhagtani from Canon India talks about the international and prestige guestlist of CapturingWOW 2019 which was an event for photography and event managers that happened in Delhi, India.


Hitesh Vig – Yu Haruyama

Panasonic representatives talk about the energy and zeel they experienced in CapturingWOW 2019.


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