Niveditha Ravichandran - First Salt Photography

Food Photographer

Niveditha Ravichandran is a Food & Product Photographer based in the Netherlands.

She’s merely a scientist who picked up the camera and fell in love with photography. 

Her love of photography began at a very young age. All those years when she watched her father fiddle with the film camera, she fell in love with the world a lens sees. 

She’s a self-taught photographer. Like almost, all those who started out, she photographed nature and the little beauty around her.

When she is not in the laboratory or taking pictures, you will probably find her in the woods enjoying a walk in nature.

Her Media Works include: Food Photography That Will Inspire You To Seek Something Delicious

Lucie Beck: Behind the scenes- Behind the scenes with ButFirstSalt

Newspaper Wegwijs Wijchen- Fotograferen met magie

Beuningen News- Jachtopzichter komt in actie tijdens zijn vakantie

Sony Alpha Female- Meet food photographer @butfirstsalt

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