3 Biggest Event Photography Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

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Event Photography can be exhausting as you have the responsibility to cover the entire event without missing any segment. All of us love capturing the high energy of big events and we use our skills and abilities to bring out the hard work of event organisers and the joy of event attendees. 

At times, Event Photography can also be very complicated because of its fast-paced actions, unstable lighting and the breadth of different shots required. You tend to make such petty mistakes at events that you cannot even recover from! So it is always advisable to shoot slowly and steadily knowing every basic to every hack required to master Event Photography.

To guide you through what exactly is Event Photography to the list of mistakes to avoid, in this blog we will be leading you through the entire article. So keep the ball rolling as we are about to get started!


Event Photography is the practice of photographing guests and occurrences at any event or occasion where one may hire a photographer for.

Now that you know about Event Photography, we will dive deep into the set of mistakes that every event photographer must avoid!


The worst thing to experience as an Event photographer is to realise that the photographs you shot are extremely unusable. No matter how good you are at editing, if your photographs are useless, you just can’t do anything with them. This is why it is crucial to keep your camera well set with the required camera settings before the event.

Don’t regret the event that you shot the photograph with the wrong camera settings. Make certain you have planned and set your camera in the right position and with the correct settings so that you don’t feel undone after the event.


Every event has different light settings that you need to analyse way before the event. At certain places, you will have bright lights while at a few you will have low lights. In such cases, you have to make sure that you adjust the lighting to capture great photographs. Imagine you have photographed one of the most important parts of the event and realise that your lighting is low! 

It is quite obvious that you could improve the lighting on the edit table, but what if you are unable to do so? So, before every event, do check out the light setups at the event. If you feel you need extra lighting, connect to the event organizer and get your lights in place.


One of the reasons why organisers or clients will call you to cover an event is to capture the pure emotions and tell them through your photographs! If you fail to do so, you will lose your clients and ruin your reputation. 

Even though you capture the emotions and expressions of the attendees at the event, make sure you capture the pure ones. Don’t just simply go around capturing random photographs. Instead, take a look at the entire event circle, analyze which part of the event could give you more emotions to capture and act accordingly. So make sure to capture some great expressions to gain a great clientele and build an incredible portfolio!

As an Event photographer, you only want to get better year on year. It is healthy to learn about your genre and educate yourself. But don’t forget to avoid that petty mistake you make at certain events. Even if you make a few, sit back and make a list of the mistakes that you have made so that you can avoid them the next time you photograph any event.

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