Uncover The Power of Social Media To Grow Your Business!

Thinking about diving deep into the world of social media but don’t quite know where to get started? We’re here to be your guide! If you have a business, you would probably spend a lot of your time trying to uncover the latest social media trends, tips and tricks that would help grow your business.

At present, there are nearly 4 billion active social media users and these users spend an average of nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes on social platforms every day.Social Media platforms not help people to grow their brands but also builds brand awareness, develops client relationships and also make sales directly within the various social platforms. If you haven’t already joined the social family of 4 billion users (and still counting) where ½ of them are using social media to benefit their businesses, then unfortunately you’re losing out on a lot of real business. You need to get your business on a social level to keep yourself and your business ahead of the curve. Trust us, social media will change your entire business story.

 Capturing WOW conducted an engaging session on Clubhouse with the Maternity Photographers – Amrita Samant, Jai Mayhew, Alba Soler, Neelam Vyas and Amit & Priyanka Barot and the session was quite comprehensive. In this blog we will walk you through – “How to grow your business on social media through 4 strategic principles” that we’ve curated for you, using the values shared by our speakers!So keep the ball rolling as we’re going to show you what you need to know about building your brand on social media.

Let’s get cracking folks!

  1. Build Your Brands Presence:-

The social world is quite massive and if you want your brand to reach out to your audience you have to build your brand presence. Keeping it short and simple, your brand does not have to be a part of every social platform available out there. You have to experiment and find out which platform works the best for your brand growth and then work towards building your presence there. Once you’ve built your brand’s presence, “you have to be as social as you can, be approachable and most importantly, engage in conversations online which might turn your audience into client’s” – Amrita Samant gave voice to.

  1. Targeting & Promoting:-

Jai Mayhew shared “promote the work that you love on your social media platforms” while Neelam Vyas said, “your work will speak for you so give your best”. Many a time people tend to post and promote things that they don’t connect with. Often, brands create content based on their target audience’s needs and don’t look after their likeness. You should have an understanding of both – your brand and your target audience well enough. These are the people who will resonate with your products and your brand the most. Keep promoting the work that you love!

3) Engage With Your Audience:-

At the session, Amit Barot said that “it is quite important to post the work that you love! You have to engage with your audience and keep your page lively!”The best possible way to keep your page lively and get the support of your audience is to rightly engage with them. By engaging, we mean engaging on a brands’ level. In this case, whenever any user posts about your brand, or comments on any of your posts, try to respond to them. You could engage with them in many other ways too like setting up polls, quizzes, or contests that encourage your audience to participate. For example, Instagram stories are a great means to engage your followers.

4) The Back-up Plan:-

Amrita Samant rightly said “Do not completely rely on Social Media. You may never know which social platform might get banned the next day!” So you must have a backup plan. It could be in the form of having your brands’ presence on websites or other digital platforms to stay on the safer side.Besides these amazing tips, here’s another one coming straight from Alba Soler “Be proactive and enjoy everything that you do!” 

 The 4 principles we’ve outlined here in this blog are staples of our speakers that are breaking the chronicles on social media right now. Remember that brands that show a bit of humanity do exceedingly well on social media and that being said, you should always ensure that any content that you create or share makes sense for your particular audience and your brand voice. You may now try all of these tactics to start growing your brand on social media today!

We would like to hear from you!

What’s something you’ve been struggling with when it comes to your brands’ social media presence? Any tips or tactics that you’d love to add on? Let us know in the comments below!

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