Prasheila Lookhar - Going Bananas Photography

Wedding Photographer

One half of the award-winning ‘Going Bananas Photography’, Prasheila is more like a bridesmaid to her brides rather than a photographer. 

She has 6 years of experience in editorial as well as content management and also in developing communication strategies for businesses. 

Currently, she works as a photographer, communications consultant, and freelance writer/editor. 

She was selected as one of the first out of 5 judges for collection ten in 2019 and is known for creating simple yet impactful images with meaning. 

She works with Abhimanyu Sharma to give two different perspectives of the wedding celebrations.

Best known for candid photography, Prasheila has won 5 awards too. 

‘Going Bananas’  is one of the best documentary wedding photographers in India. 

As a team, Going Bananas Photography ranks 5th globally in the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) Winter 2019 collection.

They have won many awards from the Wedding Photographers’ Association of India (WPAI) and also hold 6 Fearless Awards under their belt. 

The Canon brand ambassadors, Abhimanyu and Prasheila have won multiple international wedding photography awards and were also the jury members for awards such as the ‘Fearless Awards’ and ‘This is the Reportage’.

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