Raman Dipak - Dipak Studios

Wedding Photographer

Raman Dipak is the Co-founder of a very popular brand Dipak Studios.

Raman Dipak entered the world of photography in 2001 and has a bachelors degree in Computer Science.

Mohan Dipak, Brother of Raman Dipak together got the inspiration to build upon their Father’s Foundation. Sundar Dipak, father of Raman Dipak who himself is a celebrity photographer. 

Since then, till today He is been trying to converge a product that has the best of everything the best in image capturing, the best in presentation, and the best in cinematography as well. 

He believes that in this industry people promise a lot but a few deliver, few years down the line everything wears out but it’s the album that stands out. 

Dipak Studios started back in 1962 in Faridabad has now grown as a full-fledged business, having its presence in both Delhi and Gurgaon.

Raman leads a huge team of wedding professionals ranging from photographers to cinematographers, and album designers to video editors.

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