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Planning to get married amidst the pandemic but you aren’t sure about how to go about with your guest list? Upset about inviting only a few people and leaving out the rest due to the repercussions of the pandemic?

‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

What if we tell you that you could tie the knot with your loved one and have your entire group of family and friends celebrating with you, without breaking the norms? Yes you got it right! Experience the incredible virtual platform – Usually Unusual Experiences that gives you an opportunity to live stream all of your Social Events and Weddings! Unbelievable? Read on to get more insights on this specially curated virtual platform!


‘Usually Unusual Experiences’ is a secure virtual platform that live streams Weddings and Social Events. This incredible virtual platform hosts your guests while you focus on your ceremony. 

 ‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

‘Usually Unusual Experiences’ is a safe two way interactive platform that allows guests to be a part of special events like weddings from the comfort of their homes and still be a part of the Wedding album!


Besides giving you the opportunity to live stream your weddings and social events on real-time basis, the ‘Usually Unusual Experiences’ platform comes with several interactive features that include:


‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

Providing RSVP to on-ground Hospitality & Logistics, ‘Usually Unusual Experiences’ care for the guests like their own!


‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

Here’s a platform that allows weddings to seamlessly continue in a hybrid manner.


‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

Here you can maintain your privacy by celebrating with only your near and dear ones as virtual guests.


‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

Interact with your guests and loved ones virtually by communicating with them through video communication along with real-time one on one chats amidst the virtual ceremony.


‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

The platform has been aesthetically designed and is environmentally compatible with different devices.


‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

Say NO to boredom! The platform consists of several virtual interactive games to keep the wedding spirit alive!

‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

‘Usually Unusual Experiences’ is a young and dynamic platform that only helps you live-stream your events but also helps you celebrate your intimate wedding moments with your loved ones.

With the pandemic restricting each and everyone from gathering, we feel that this platform ‘Usually Unusual Experiences’ is a boon to one and all.

From live streaming your events privately to communicating with your loved ones virtually without breaking the norms, the idea behind this platform is just WOW!

‘Picture Credits: Usually Unusual Experiences.’

So if you are worried about picking a few from your guest list or worried about mass gathering at your events, you have nothing to worry about anymore!

All you have to do is get in touch with the team of ‘Usually Unusual Experiences’ here : and plan your dream virtual event!

To get a Sneak-Peek of the U2 Experiences platform, watch : 

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