4 Actionable Ways To Rock Food Photography!

Making food look visually appealing is not quite as simple as photographing your dish on the plate. You can place your dish on the table, capture as many photographs as you want using different techniques, but you still can’t get that desired photograph! There are a lot of things that go into Food Photography.

Food Photography has opened doors to many exciting possibilities from blogging, Product photography and Instagramming! If you have been looking to break through your career in Food Photography then you should read this blog because we have specially curated actionable ways for a beginner photographer or content creator.

So keep the ball rolling as we are about to get started!


Finding inspiration across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. can not only keep you updated with the local trends but will also teach you creative techniques to capture Food photographs like a PRO! 

We are not asking you to copy what other people do but, for instance, if you are about to photograph a pancake recipe, you will generally first look at how other people or food photographers have photographed the pancake recipes. By doing this, you are not copying them but you might find some great inspiration for how to style and photograph the pancake.


You have no idea about how a hint of garnishing over your dish can change your food’s story! You will not believe the difference a little garnish can make.

For instance, if you use a recipe with cocoa, you obviously can’t see the cocoa in the food but by sprinkling some cocoa powder on and around the dish, or dusting the food with a bit of cocoa, the entire photograph will tell a different story.


While photographing food, have you ever asked yourself, “Who is the hero here?” The answer to this question will help you create the right composition. Make certain that your hero (dish) is a focus. Don’t capture blurry images as this will distract your viewers. 

For better composition techniques, you may use the golden rule of thirds to enhance your Food photographs. Make sure that you have fewer items on the table or around your dish so that the other items don’t distract your viewers from your dish. Moreover, the fewer items around the dish, the neater your photograph will turn out to be.


Great Food photographs don’t need to be placed carefully or staged. Not always, will you like following the same old process of simply capturing Food photographs?. To make your photographs even more exciting and creative, go ahead and take a bite! Yes, you read it right! If you take a bite, your viewers will get attracted to the bite first because this is certainly something new coming up. If you keep photographing food with the same old style, your viewers will not get attracted quickly. However, if something different is happening in your photographs, trust us, you will have all their attention!

As an entry-level photographer or content creator, we suggest you learn the basics and elements of Food Photography. This will not only help you capture amazing photographs but will also help you in the long run! Make sure you follow these actionable ways when you capture creative Food photographs!

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