About Capturing WOW School

Capturing WOW School is an Educational Institute for Photographers, Filmmakers, and Creative Artists. It is a school that invites creative souls from all walks of life and helps them either kick-start their Photography, Filmmaking, or Creative careers or enhance the existing ones. 

Capturing WOW School provides hands-on experience at its highly equipped campus. Practical training & On-Field Exposure with Guaranteed Internship, Placement Assistance along with Professional Job Opportunities are the core strengths of the Capturing WOW School.

Our directors make sure to interact with each student to keep a track of their growth, thereby providing a professional atmosphere where one-to-one counselling is achieved.


Capturing WOW School Vision

To create a space where sharing the methods of teaching and learning Photography, Filmmaking and Creative Skills is interactive, unique, and accessible to all.

To produce Professional Photographers, Filmmakers, and Creative Artists who make a name for themselves in the ever-growing, competitive space.


Capturing WOW School wants to provide the finest quality of education in Photography, Filmmaking, and Post-Production. To impart comprehensive courses that teach not only the technical aspects of cameras and lights but also the thought process behind creative collaborations with other specialists, the business and marketing skills required to succeed as a professional in today’s competitive environment.

Capturing WOW School Mission

Get a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make
your pitches stand out and get Netflix to notice you.



Download a sample Photography Contract by
Harpreet Bachher from The Wedding Story.