Shanaya Arora - Nitin Arora Photography

Wedding Photographer

Shanaya Arora is the Co-founder of Nitin Arora Photography and is based in Delhi.

 Shanaya Arora is a Narrator, Canon EOS Influencer, and a motivational speaker.

She Makes sure that every picture is not just a visual delight but speaks for itself; tells a story, makes you nostalgic, brings out happiness, joy, tears, smiles and every emotion within you.

She says “Working with my crazy-adorable-goofy-passionate best friend husband is what makes this my dream job”.

Shanaya is the voice and soul behind the organisation.

She is the one who handles all the clients, models, couples on their wedding shoots, and everyone in general.

She is also the marketing and social media manager, communication manager, and on somedays she’s the MUA of brides.

Shanaya is the powerhouse behind the success of Nitin Arora Photography.