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Shubh Mukherjee is an outstanding Ad Filmmaker, Content Creator, Actor, Photographer, Explorer and a Creative Director.

Calling him multi-talented is an understatement. Having 12+ years of experience in the content industry, he founded Ipix Movies, an Entertainment Company and Production House.

He started off working in mainstream feature films and later shifted to documentaries and digital content.

The very first feature film he directed was at the age of 22, titled ‘Shakal Pe Mat Ja’.

After shifting his focus to digital content, he filmed campaigns for renowned brands like Standard Chartered, ICEA Lion, Uber Eats, BMW Motorrad, Sony, Redbull, and more. His presence can be felt globally.

He has produced and created music videos for many celebrities.

He also created a travel series by travelling across India in 30 days non-stop. His work has been featured on Scoopwhoop, Nat Geo, Times of India, Hindustan Times, and more.

His vision is to capture stories that inspire and content that is meaningful to humans.

He has featured on TEDx, Times of India, Scoop Whoop, National Geographic, and Vogue.

·       His Instagram, shubh.mukherjee is a verified account and he has over 16k followers.

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