Kunal Malhotra-Impact of Social Media

The Powerful Impact of Social Media with Kunal Malhotra

It’s not often that we come across people innovative enough to break the norm. However, today we have with us Kunal Malhotra, an Indian photography blogger who posts in Hindi, breaking the English blogging stereotype. Kunal Malhotra is an ingenious individual with a rich background in digital marketing, which he uses to fuel his career in photography. 

About Him And His Career: 

Kunal Malhotra-Impact of Social Media

Photography was initially solely a passion for Kunal. A career in digital marketing and PR seemed to be his calling. However, a flash of inspiration struck gold, and his photography blog took off. Gathering and collecting his thoughts and all his experience over two and a half years of different diverse genres of photography onto a blog paid off and he took up 

photography and blogging full time. His blog is simple, authentic and genuine, and resourceful content is sure to be awarded with due fame, as is in the case of Kunal. 

Finding Your Own Niche: 

Kunal had the brainwave to create a hindi blog to encourage viewership from people who weren’t the strongest in English, as well as promote a sense of togetherness with his language, positioning himself firmly in the minds of his audience. It is imperative that you find your own niche, your own style, your own language you want to shoot in and stick to it so that people associate content of similar styles with you. Having your own identity in terms of photographic style or content style is of utmost importance. Finding your own genre and aesthetic is also beneficial to create your own space in the minds of your audience. 

How Social Media Can Help: 

When it comes to generating revenue, YouTube and Instagram are your best bets. Creating content frequently and regularly is ideal, and punctuality is the best way to generate views organically. Instagram can be used to build an extensive portfolio of your best work, and perseverance is sure to be rewarded with brand associations and collaborations. Vlogging through YouTube can also generate substantial income through ad revenue. The only common denominator is patience. Be patient, be regular and be determined. Good things will happen to your blog or your photography business. Look to create quality content over engagement in order to get attention from clients. Your engagement will skyrocket organically provided you keep producing quality content day in and day out. 

Being Social And Gaining Inspiration: 

Inspiration is a topic we all speculate about, but the truth is that it is too abstract to define. Inspiration could be derived from anything be it a person, an event or a memory. Being social is one way to gain inspiration. Meeting people, interacting with them and sharing your views will not only spur a discussion which you can learn from and implement in your work, you will form contacts and a network of contacts is the key ingredient in the mixture that is your business. Growth of a business or career occurs best through word of mouth and networking and it is imperative for an ambitious professional to be social and have networking abilities.

Hone Your Skills: 

Patience is a virtue, and one of the most important among all. Practice makes perfect and photography is no different. Take time to explore and learn from different genres of the trade, and develop your skill set. Borrow techniques from all the genres to form a formidable arsenal of know-how. This sounds easy, but takes determination, devotion, and patience. However, to grow as a professional, honing your skills to perfection is the true goal, and the journey is what leads you to improve day by day. 

What Content Works? 

Rather than the content, the way and efficiency of presentation of the content is what truly matters. However, certain tips do not go amiss in terms of generating curiosity in your audience. If you are a video creator, behind the scenes footage is a winner. It creates desire to view, and also drives traffic to the original content in question. Any genre of photography or content creation can have behind the scenes footage that can generate revenue through views, or build a broader perspective for viewers. 

A holistic understanding of social media and its ways builds the foundation to catalyse your photography career in this digital world. Once this building block is established, the rest is upto your determination, willpower and drive to learn, grow and eventually succeed! 



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