Sricha Halder

Sricha Halder: I Capture Everything that Catches My Eyes

Sricha Halder

Sricha Halder, a passionate photographer and a student pursuing her BTech in Biotechnology.

She believes in capturing everything that is beautiful around her and doesn’t miss a chance to build her photography skills with every opportunity. 

Stay till the end to read an exclusive interview by Capturing WoW of a budding photographer, Sricha halder.

How did you Start Your Journey as a Photographer? 

Sricha Halder's Photography
Picture Courtesy: Sricha Halder

Back in 9th grade, I had to take up photography as a PSC, and my father and brother, both were into photography so there my journey began. 

I had a teacher, who told us more than the theory part, focus on photography so we used to take a lot of pictures.

I happened to switch my school and then the pandemic happened. Pandemic gave me a lot of time to do my favourite thing and I started my journey as a photographer.

How Would you Describe Your Style/ What do you love to capture the most?

Picture Courtesy: Sricha Halder

Well, I love to capture anything and everything that catches my eyes.

I wouldn’t describe my artwork in only one form because anything that’s attractive is my style.

What were the Challenges you Faced during your Journey?

I Don’t think there were any such challenges till now as I’ve just started exploring the world of photography.

Are you Planning to Take-up Photography full time or as a hobby?

Picture Courtesy: Sricha Halder

I am currently pursuing my BTech in Biotechnology which is clearly not related to photography.

But, in the next 4 years of my college, if I’m able to shape my photography skills to the professional level, then I’d love to take up photography full time.

Do you plan to take up any Photography course to shape your skills?

Right now, I just want to focus on my degree, and probably after completing my degree, I’ll take up a Photography Course to shape my skills. 

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