Abhimanyu Sharma


Abhimanyu Sharma

Going Bananas Photography

Known for his distinctly dramatic and edgy style of photography, Abhimanyu Sharma is amongst the most respected wedding photographers in India. His most prized possession is the love from his clients.

“As a wedding photographer, empathy is an even bigger tool than a camera. I aim to identify what will become nostalgic several years from now and tell a story by making those images. I shoot what I feel, not what I see. My shooting-style is very organic. I always make the image in my mind first and then simply use the camera to manifest it. Instead of a style, I allow the pursuit of excellence to guide me.”

Abhimanyu is the co-founder of Going Bananas Photography. As a team, Going Bananas Photography ranked Global 5th in International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers’s (ISPWP) Winter 2019 collection, has the most Wedding Photographers’ Association of India (WPAI) awards in India, and 5 Fearless Awards. A SILK photo-story award winner, Abhimanyu was also nominated as the Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2019, and he is also the first Indian photographer to win the This is Reportage award.
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