Arjun Kamath


Arjun Kamath

Arjun Kamath Photography
A Storyteller. A Photographer. A Filmmaker.

From a backbencher who was every teacher’s nightmare to a graduate from a film school where even Spielberg got rejected thrice, Arjun’s journey has been an artist’s delight.

Arjun is a passionate storyteller who sees the world as a giant pot full of stories, studded with frames and overflowing with emotions
To a wedding, Arjun carries the wisdom of visual storytelling, having learned it from the world’s best film school. His wedding and pre-wedding shoots are like mementos that hold precious stories, conveying emotions creatively and effortlessly. Having shot weddings across the USA and India, Kamath’s style of capturing them is universal in its appeal and mesmerizing to the point of being taken for something surreal.

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