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Karan Sidhu


Karan Sidhu

Karan Sidhu Photography

Karan’s photography career had accidental beginnings. His passion for capturing moments drew him away from his job in the corporate world. When he first began photographing weddings, creating and preserving essential moment for others fueled him like nothing else ever did. Karan thrives in a high emotional and high energy environment.

Awarded by the prestigious ‘Canon & Better Photography: WPOY Awards’, in only a few years, he’s left a significant mark in the Wedding photography industry. Along with countless testimonials from couples and families, he was also awarded the prestigious Canon Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Award 2017-2018. His work has been featured in various magazines such as the Conde Nast Traveller, Better Photography and various others. Check out the contact page for more details.

In his own words –
“The point is, to be a successful photographer, you don’t need gimmicks. What you need is your heart and your mind in the right place. When I walk into a wedding, I walk in with a huge sense of responsibility. I am well aware of the fact that I am going to an event where I will be creating history for that family by making pictures that will potentially become heirlooms for generations to come.”