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Lakshya Chawla


Lakshya Chawla


An MBA, photographer, musician, die-hard cook and an ardent traveler, Lakshya lovea shooting couples in the quirkiest possible manner with his ‘self-proclaimed’ sense of humour; a secret recipe to make his work fun and super-natural!

Lakshya Chawla, founder of ShutterDown is amongst the top wedding photographers and filmmakers of the country. In a short span of 5 years, he has shot weddings across 15 countries. Lakshya has won various awards including GIWA 2016, WOW 2018, Spotlight Awards 2018, Wedding Sutra Award 2018, 2019, WPAI awards and many more. He has been featured in various media platforms including Vogue, HT, BBC UK, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed. Apart from this, he’s the Brand Artisan of Sony Alpha