Prasheila Lookhar


Prasheila Lookhar

Go Bananas Photography

Known for creating simple yet impactful images with meaning, Prasheila Lookhar is amongst the most awarded wedding photographers in India. She shoots all across the world.

“I describe my style of photography as very non-directed. I like to photograph what’s happening; sometimes seemingly simple things make for great moments in photography.
I take inspiration from every single person I meet. Everybody has done/will do something in their life that will inspire me. You just have to look for it. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not so much. But it is always there.”

Prasheila is the co-founder of Going Bananas Photography. As a team, Going Bananas Photography ranked Global 5th in International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers’s (ISPWP) Winter 2019 collection, has the most Wedding Photographers’ Association of India (WPAI) awards in India, and 5 Fearless Awards. She was also nominated as the Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2019.

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