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The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Photography Business Post-Pandemic

Are you struggling to market your photography business post-pandemic?

As everything around is slowly and steadily opening up, your traditional marketing approach may not work.

The current business world has evolved drastically and something that worked for you yesterday won’t really work today.

If you’re looking out for ways to market your brand in this uncertain situation then this blog will surely help you.

Capturing WoW recently conducted a session on Clubhouse where the Masters of Wedding Photography themselves shared their opinion on marketing your photography business post-pandemic.

Well-known Wedding Photographers such as Megha Bhatia, Nitin Arora, Shanaya Arora, Abhimanyu Sharma, and Prasheila Lookhar spilled their secret to a successful marketing approach.

Stay till the end to dive deep into changing your marketing strategy for your photography business.

Holistic Approach is the Best Approach- Abhimanyu Sharma

Abhimanyu Sharma
Picture Courtesy: Going Bananas Photography

Word of mouth is the best way to get leads in our industry because it’s an industry driven by trust, credibility, and emotions.

They are giving one of their best days in your hands so word of mouth is the strongest and a good method in or to generate leads.

There’s something called a pipeline, which directly means who all are going to be your future prospects. How many more people are lined up so you shoot the kind of weddings that you want to shoot and not just every wedding that comes your way.

A good marketing approach would be a 360-degree approach. But always remember not everything will directly result in a conversion.

If your work is good, popular portals would reach out to you and feature your work without even you having to pay them.

Approach wedding planners, show them your work, and pitch them and make them understand how you can be great for their organization.

A holistic approach is probably the best approach in Abhimanyu’s opinion.

Always be in touch with your couples- Nitin Arora

Nitin Arora
Picture Courtesy: Nitin Arora Photography

Reach to your previous clients, because they will be the best people that can help you market your photography business.

Always be in touch with your couples, because they have closely witnessed your work.

Try getting in touch with your previous contacts because after a point of time they might forget you so reaching out to them again will open many doors.

Get in touch with Wedding planners, service vendors or providers. Pitch them in order to get a good clientele.

Social media also plays a prominent role these days, make sure you’re present everywhere and make sure you’re consistent everywhere you post.

Start Collaborating and Start being Consistent- Megha Bhatia

Megha Bhatia
Picture Courtesy: Megha Bhatia

Work on your social media create great content, do a mock photo shoot and post it on your social media.

Start collaborating with people in your industry and start putting out content that your target audience connects with.

Social media plays a prominent role these days, make sure you’re present everywhere and make sure you’re consistent everywhere.

Don’t look at the insights, just start posting consistently- Shanaya Arora

Shanaya Arora
Picture Courtesy: Nitin Arora Photography

Start presenting your work on social media in a better and unique way.

When you’re getting started, don’t look at the insights just start posting consistently, be it reels, be it pictures. Just Start!

Just start posting every day because on social media people tend to forget your presence and you’ll have to remind them.

Final Thoughts!

These marketing tips by the masters of wedding photography will surely help you change your marketing approach.

But do you wish to grab some super insightful tips on photography from the Masters Of Photography Themselves?


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