The Ultimate Social-Survival Guide For Content Creators!

Are you a content creator looking out for ways to earn money socially? 

Nearly every comic content creator out there is running behind every social media platform today. Be it creating reels on Instagram, shorts on YouTube or curating some amazing posts on Facebook, anyone and everyone is a part of this busy world called social media.

Social Media has now opened doors for every comic content creator to earn what they deserve! From Youtube To Instagram, nearly every platform out there is now paying comic content creators to create more and more engaging content!

If you want to spark up your social media presence and earn everything that you deserve, read this blog as we have curated some special expert advice straight from the Masters of Comedy! Capturing WOW organised an insightful session LIVE on Clubhouse. Famous comic content creators like Nitin Mirani, Ssumier Pasricha and Sahil Khatter were the speakers that evening. They shared a lot of values at the session and in this blog, we would be sharing a bite-sized version of it! Keep reading, as we are about to get started!


Ssumier Pasricha said, “Be original and that is how you will reach somewhere. Do not copy anybody.”

While you may want to be like somebody or you would dream of becoming someone that you have always been following for a long time, you don’t have to copy them. The experts agree to the fact that you have to be original and find yourself and your style. Create your identity and bring the real you out there in the audience. Before you get into content creation, make certain that you find yourself and that you stay original throughout your journey!


Sahil Khatter said, “What matters in this industry of content creation is how you hustle and what you are heading towards. Everybody works hard towards their craft and learns alongside. It is not only about the investment of money, it is about the investment of sweat.”

To this Ssumier added, “You have to be consistent with what you do”. When you start with something, you have to be consistent enough. Success doesn’t come overnight, you have to work hard enough to achieve it. If you create great content and be consistent, there is nothing that can stop you from accelerating your social media presence!


Ssumier Pasricha said, “You have to be original, stay consistent and most importantly, be relatable”. Ssumier Pasricha’s brainchild ‘Pammi Aunty’ gained worldwide fame due to its relatability. People from around the world started to relate to the character and this is how ‘Pammi Aunty’ got famous. Whenever you create any kind of comic content, make sure that it relates to your target audience. The more relatable content you create, the more attention you will get!

Nitin Mirani said, “As a comic content creator, it gets difficult to stay funny 24/7. Remember that passion is a part of you and that you are not a part of the passion. In the field of comic content creation, you can make a lot of money but you have to be very careful, don’t drop the standards and don’t disrespect people.”

There you go! Hope these tips help you spark up your social media presence! Keep growing but as Nitin said, don’t drop the standards!

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