Top 5 Challenges you Face as a Beginner Photographer

Like every creative person, Photographers also face challenges that are still unknown to the outside world.  

The life of a photographer might seem like a wonderland to people with zero to less photography experience. For most people, you just capture the beautiful things around you and get paid for it. 

But what they aren’t aware of is the challenges and difficulties faced in the world of photography in all genres. 

A photographer, who’s just getting started is filled with hurdles that will come your way throughout your journey. 

Let’s look at some of the most common challenges faced by photographers in the initial days of your journey. 

Also, we have got a surprise for you at the end of this article so make sure you read it till the end. 

1)Get Comfortable with ‘Rejection’

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

Every photographer has to face rejection at the start of their journey and will eventually get used to it. Someday you’ll show your artwork to an agency only to get laughed at and someday you’ll get ghosted by a client. 

Some may even choose experienced photographers over your services and again you get rejected. The greatest photographers of the industry also face rejection but the only difference being, they have a couple of clients lined up for them.

The major difference between a well-known photographer and a beginner is they can deal with rejections without flinching. 

 2)Copyright & Piracy Issues

Picture Courtesy: Pexels

 A creative person will never copy someone else’s work and will only get inspired by the idea behind the picture. 

Getting inspired by the artwork and copying the artwork are two different things that people should be aware of. 

As a photographer, you’d never want to see your artwork on someone else’s platform without credit. No matter how much you try to protect your artwork, you will face this issue as technology is constantly helping people pirate your artwork. 

3)Dealing with Production Cost 


Picture Courtesy: Pexels

We are all aware of how much a camera can cost you and as the technology advances, you upgrade your gadgets with a new one. 

Other costs like lenses, gear, tripod, etc will get added to your list. The moment you realise that you’re done purchasing all the equipment you might feel that you’ve some time to grow your bank account. 

But the production cost for every photographer is a never-ending process and you’re bound to deal with it no matter what your niche is.  

4)Lack of Meaningful Feedbacks

Picture Courtesy: Pexels

Every creative person always seeks honest and meaningful feedback but the people around you are either your family members or your friends. 

People with no photography background will always admire your work and mostly they are going to give you positive feedback. 

Families and friends are always kind enough to praise our work, but we crave honest feedback that can help us improve as creative geeks. 

5)Your Dream Can Turn into a Job 

Picture Courtesy: Pexels

If you’re working with a company currently, you might feel the everyday grind that goes into doing something that you don’t really enjoy doing. 

Yes, it’s good to work with a brand for experience as a beginner but make sure you know when to, shift from your regular job. 

But if you love your job and you see yourself levelling up each day, the genre is exactly what you want, and you differentiate your fun and work artwork well then, it’s perfect. 

Final Words! 

There would come a lot of challenges your way but it’s you who will have to overcome it with your desire and dedication to change it into an opportunity. 

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