Vivek Sequeira - Luxe Capture

Wedding Photographer

Vivek Sequeira is an International Award winning wedding photographer based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

Luxe Captures is recognized as one of the best Wedding Photography Companies in the world. 

Named the “Wedding Photographers of the year” in India, by Better Photography, they hold themselves to the highest standards in the industry and extend theor services that are bespoke to meet the uniqueness of your celebration. We believe in excellence, diversity, inclusion and timeless elegance.

He uses a harmonious blend of innovative ideas, a wonderful sense of timing and angles, and aesthetically tasteful backgrounds for all his wedding photoshoots. 

Vivek is an observer of human nature, people, places and their cultures. Through a lifetime of sojourning through the world, with his camera, during which he had the privilege of meeting and working with several globally renowned photographers. 

Vivek has developed a unique style of photography. A style that has earned him over 60 national & international photography awards. 

Vivek is also a Sony India Artisan. His unique sense of aesthetics and universally respected work ethic, has earned him a reputation for brilliantly detailed frames, capturing uniquely evocative moments. Thus, it is not surprising that his magnum body of work immediately captures the attention of our clients.

His passion for documenting unforgettable memories and images has earned him much global acclaim. 

Yet he remains extremely approachable, and ever willing to impart his hard-earned knowledge, about all things related to photography. 

He refuses to compromise, and is willing to go to any length in the pursuit of an eternal moment. 

This habitual seeker, has left his mark in the era of both analog and digital photography. To Vivek, the client always comes first, such that his lens becomes their subjective eye.

Vivek brings his invaluable photography skills into the delectable blend that is Luxe Captures. He has been on this journey with us for over twenty years, and yet, is still as curious about the world and its rapidly evolving technology, concepts of visual art as he was, when he first started.

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